Blantyre Scouts, 1980

Summer 1980 and Blantyre’s 3rd Scouts receive rewards for their hard work and efforts the previous year.

In the group is Douglas Izett who was presented with the Chief’s Scout Award, one of the highest awards anybody in the movement can receive. He gained this by completing many tasks including lots of community work.

With him are winners of the groups “Supercub” competition. The superscouts are Lawrence Jack, Steven Hope and Ross Gilchrist. The supercubs are Stuart Linn, William MacKay, Rodrick Hunter. Overall winner was Lawrence Jack.

The Scoutmasters were very proud of the boy’s achievements. Do YOU know any of these boys, who must surely be around 50 years old now?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Ann Higgins CrossarRoddy Hunter – aw check you out here! 
Roddy Hunter Uh-oh! Ann 
Lawrence Jack Omg that’s moi 
Chantal Schofield Christopher Blyth and I are debating which one you are… I’m voting top right?
Lawrence Jack Chantal Schofield nope
Douglas Hardie Aw, bless

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