Weddings Blantyre Folk, 1980

Some weddings of Blantyre folk who were married in 1980. First up is James Craig from 62 Station Road who married Hamilton lady Modena Spears. The couple married in David Livingstone Church on Glasgow Road.

Jean Kyle of Auchentibber Court, High Blantyre married George Lawson, from Douglas. The couple married in 1980 in Burnbank.

and not forgetting William Robertson of Auchinraith Road. William married Margaret Kirkwood of Hamilton. The couple married in Hamilton.

Here’s hoping they’ve had long and happy marriages. Photos have been added to the Blantyre archives. If any of the people featured don’t wish their photo here for any reason, please get in touch.

Do you know any of the couples?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Ian Mcgowan George Lawson photo, another fine Scots Guardsman.
Sharon McCafferty Michelle Kyle anything to you? My old street Auchintibber Court.
Michelle Kyle Sharon McCafferty not my relations
Ann Donnelly Lynn Moran look at James Craig and modenaxx
Liz Park AlexMcgregor Lynn Wilson Lynn Moran
Lynn Wilson Liz Park ooh wow remember he used to come to granny Donnelly NY party
Alex Mcgregor Liz Park Married same year as me and Ann. Doesn’t time fly when you’re enjoying yourselves
Angela Tallis Mary Innes we were 1979 xx
Cecil Willis Went to school with jim Craig calder street
Mattie Tonner Cunningham Margaret kirkwood is a friend of mine but no longer married to Billy Robertson. Margaret Robertson xx
Jean Macallisterkyle Me jean Kyle no longer married to George Lawson

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