Joanne Tallis, 1980

In Summer 1980, Blantyre born Joanne Tallis was one of the most talented and accomplished Highland Dancers in the country.

Joanne had enormous success in dancing competitions and recently had added a highly rated a 15 year pre Championship Shield to her collection of trophies and shields.

Joanne had moved to Arbroath by this time but still had relatives in Blantyre and Burnbank. Dancing since the age of only 2 years old, Joanne recognised that much of her success was down to the excellent training from her dance teacher in Blantyre, Jean Hislop.

Do you remember Joanne?

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Angela TallisJoanne Smart
Joanne Smart OMG where did you find that 
Angela Tallis Joanne Smart hi it’s on the Blantyre project lol , it just came up on my news feed, I thought I know that lassie 😀, you’ve never changed a bit xxx
Margaret Anne Hendry Go Jo
Derek McNulty No changed a bit Joanne, bet you still got the moves👍
Caroline Wood Awe Joanne you kept that a secret , you haven’t changed a bit . X
Gwen McWalter Awe Jojo. You haven’t changed much. Do you still have your trophies? Xx
Georgina Durnans Mackie Well done Joanne never changed x
Muriel Leslie Well Jojo you have got fame at last,you did well with you’re dancing remember taking you to competition in Arbroath and around xx
Leanne Wood Wow Jojo! That’s impressive! You haven’t changed 😍
Fiona McWalter Wright Aw Jojo
Catherine Caie Wow Joanne that’s a great story.
Elizabeth Buik just how i remember you Joanne
Hazel Walker June Hislop was this your mums pupil
June Hislop Hazel Walker yes she was
Hazel Walker Aw a great read JoJo very proud of you 
Elaine Walker So nice to know that we have girl that was obviously Very talented,in our toon.Nice one Joanne

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