1980 David Livingstone Netball

Meet the cream of the crop! These talented girls formed David Livingstone Primary’s star netball team during 1980. The girls scooped the coveted Fyfe Trophy after beating dozens of other schools.

Mrs Bridie Cropp was the coach managing the team. The girls are Lesley Fullerton, Marion Lightbody, Linda Blake, Karen Steele, Linda McMahon, Michelle Monney, Lorraine Collins, Lyn Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth Copland.

The victory was even sweeter, as it was the first time the school had taken part for several years. Mrs Cropp commented, “I’m very proud of the girl’s conduct on and off the pitch.”

Are YOU pictured?

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Annmarie Mullen BrownLorraine N Colin Mlc and there u are
Arlene Campbell Bridie Cropp😍 gorgeous Brenda Cropp Jeffrey
Jimmy Whelan A true lady.
Steven Lightbody Marion Thomson lol
Craig Fullerton Lesley Macdonald
Alex Hamilton Karen Hamilton
Karen Hamilton Remember it like it was yesterday 
Christine Milligan Karen Hamilton you haven’t changed 😂
Anne Simpson Karen Hamilton I remember you. I was Anne Reilly. I lived across from Michelle Monney …… long time.
Karen Hamilton Oh my goodness Anne I hope you are well xx
Catherine McLachlan Brenda Cropp Jeffrey fab photo of your mum xx
Moira Beveridge Fabulous Bridie you’re the best
Bridie Cropp Elizabeth Copeland and another girl Mc Mahon who moved away.
Marion Roy I remember all the girls!
Eileen Montague Bottom row 2nd from right…you still look the same!!!
Sharon Wood Helen McKean so lovely to see your aunt Bridie. I was teaching in David Livingstone primary back in 1980!!!
Myra Lees Karen Hamilton you haven’t changed
Sharon SLittle Mrs Cropp was an amazing teacher. I love my primary, so many good memories

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