Indoor Bowling Club, 1980

This photo shows the opening of the 1980 season for the Blantyre Indoor Bowling Club. Conducting the opening ceremony are left to right, Tom Rankin Secretary, Mrs Latta and Mr Hugh Latta Vice President, Mrs Helen O Donnell, Mr G McFall President, Mrs Millar and Mr Alex Millar Past President.

Do YOU know anybody here?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Campbell Wylie Don’t think indoor looks like welfare outdoor
Blantyre Project maybe the paper got it wrong. Would be good to clarify, even if presentation was taken outside that day.
Cllr Maureen Chalmers SNP Ward 15 Blantyre Lovely to see photo of George McFall – Monica McFall Holmes
Monica McFall Holmes Cllr Maureen Chalmers SNP Ward 15 Blantyre is that Tony’s papa?! X
Cllr Maureen Chalmers SNP Ward 15 Blantyre Monica McFall Holmes Yes
Margaret Latta That’s my mum and dad
Janet Mcmillan My aunty pat and uncle Hughie latta
Gerry Kelly Looks like outdoor season opening . I see my granda in the background
Gerry Kelly A few of my Granda Mcalindens medals earned while playing for blantyre and Scotland
Margaret Harper Uncle Charlie Mcalinden and I think maybe uncle Hugh Letham in the middle at the back, you’ll know a few Margaret Cunningham
Gerry Kelly Margaret Harper yup ! Can see Hugh at the back as well
Margaret Letham This is an outdoor opening and Hugh is in background
Alison Cook Lol 1980!!! Would got curlers in so much hair Mags! Xx
Kate Adams Margaret Letham I can pick him out. Where did his hair go? Hope your well xx
Margaret Letham We are both good Kate. Keeping well yourself? How time flies. Xx
Lillian Thomson President George McFall and his daughter Helen stayed next door to my mum and dad in Hillhead Crescent then.
Nicola Paterson Alison Paterson show this to gran x
Lynn Dougela That was out door I remember tommy rankin he was outdoor man stayed next to us in small crescent
Nina Muir Lynn Dougela we used to go in his garden when we were playing hide and seek and get into big bother. Lol
A lovely garden. Which one is Tommy?
Lynn Dougela Donna Tommy is the one with the glasses on the left. Do you mind his wee Jack Russell it used to bark it’s head off lol 
Nina Muir Vaguely. Lol
I think i was more concerned about Zoe and Zol.
Andrea White Jean Sullivan Tennant Jacqui Hunter your dad’s would probably be there x
Jean Sullivan Tennant Andrea I had seen it and scanned the crowd. Not in the photo but probs would have been there x

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