Cathie Adams (Kellachan) Reunion

In the 1920’s, Cathie Adams left behind family in Blantyre and emigrated to New Zealand.

So it was an emotional day in May 1980, over FIFTY years later when she returned to Blantyre to see her sisters and brother. Cathie is pictured second from the left on that very day.

The emotional reunion took place at Blantyre Miner’s Welfare and it was the first time in all those years that Cathie had come to face to face with her siblings. She was here on holiday with her New Zealand born husband, George.

A warm welcome awaited her from Mrs Sal O Neill (first left) and Daniel Kellachan, both of Blantyre plus her other sister Mrs Betty Rutledge who had flown to Scotland from her USA home, especially for the big family party.

I can imagine Cathie when travelling around Blantyre in 1980, must have seen many changes since her childhood!

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Anne Marie Murray This is my grandfather’s James Kellachan family. They were all at my wedding June 1980 …
Moira Kellachan Angela Harrington this is my husband Daniel kellachan’s aunts and uncle. Dan is the son of their brother James Kellachan and his wife Annie. Cathie was taken to New Zealand as a baby as her mother died ver shortly after her birth and her father Daniel Kellachan could not cope with a baby at that time. So Cathie never new Blantyre but always new she had brothers and sister back in Blantyre. My husband Dan along with me and our 4 daughters emigrated to Canada in 1976 but returned for a holiday in 1980 to meet his aunt for the first time. We had a great reunion at the Blantyre Miners Welfare where all cousins family and friends met. Unfortunately my husband passed away on June 28 2017. He would have loved to have seen this photo from then. The Kellachan family were well known in the area my father in law, James Kellachan had been a miner and then became a union delegate. His brother Dan Kellachan was deeply involved in the running of the Miners Welfare for many years. There are still lots of nieces and nephews still living in Blantyre, I keep in touch with them via fb. Love to see stories about Blantyre Dan and I and our daughters, Angela, Moira, Helen, Kathleen (RIP) miss Blantyre very much since immigrating to Canada. Hope some people still remember the family.
Helen Grieve Sal O Neill lived next close to me when I was little. She lived on Glasgow Road then Station Road.
Marian Maguire Sal O’ Neil is Big Pats R.I.P mother.
Anne Marie Murray His gran or you talking about daddy
Marian Maguire Anne Marie Murray his dad’s
Patricia Hopkins Haller I am John Kellachan’s granddaughter Patricia Hopkins Haller these were my grandfather’s siblings. I have fond memories of Aunt Sal and Aunt Betty Rutledge when Aunt Sal would come to New York City.
Joanne Gribben I think this might be my great grandfather…my granda Joseph Kellachan’s dad?? Dad Thomas Kelly ask mum x
Lisa Wood Joanne, it is. I was about 6 or 7 when he died
Sadie Kellachan – show it to my dad please.
Joanne Gribben Thanks Lisa. This was the year before me and Roslyn were born xx
Helen Kellachan Dan is my husband Pats Granda, Pat says he was a towering man in many aspects who was held in great esteem , a great Union man who did a lot for the Blantyre Miners Welfare, he lived in Monteith Place which is just down the road from us. A great photo.
Debi Sheehan Katie Mae. Show this to Mom. Mrs Rutledge is in the pic. And I remember her talking about Sal O’Neill.
Helen Kellachan-Halsall This was my dad, Daniel Kellachan’s aunts and uncle. My grandad was their brother James Kellachan

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