Punks Rampage in the Park

In May 1980, Hamilton District Court heard how revellers to Blantyre’s Summer Gala in 1979 were left terrified as punks ran amock through the community day, spoiling it for many families.

They ran through the fairground at Stonefield Public Park stealing candyfloss from children, pulling one youth to the ground and kicking him. Families scattered in terror, many of them going home.

Three men from the fair chased after the punks, seeing that some people were quickly leaving the scene and therefore affecting their livelihood. As well as the punks, a couple of boys from Elm Street also entered into a fight with the pursuing showmen.

However, things had turned from bad to worse, when police arrived and notice one of the Elm Street boys bleeding, promptly arresting one of the showmen for the ‘assault’. In court the following year, the judge, Justice McKillop was sympathetic to the showman and admonished him on the basis “he had been sinned, more than he had sinned.”

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Tich McneillBim Mcskimming
Steven Robertson Thanks the good lord the teddy boys didn’t get involved . Blue Sued brothel creeper to the heed is no laughing matter
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