Lampost at Livingstone Centre



Next time you’re at the David Livingstone Centre, look for this lamppost outside the Cafe at the Africa Pavilion.

You’ll notice carefully the words “Blantyre” on the old cast lampost. Below it on the glass pane it says “LMS Railway”. Did you know this lamp was salvaged from an era gone by at Blantyre Station? I love these old lampposts, which evoke a feeling of traditional things and nostalgia of older times.


Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Margaret Elma Griffin There used to be two of these gas lamps on Cemetery Road I can remember the man we called him the lighty coming to light them with a long pole
Eleanor Clark Margaret Elma Griffin did you stay in Cemetery Road just before they knocked it down as our granny Catherine Paterson stayed in 16 Cemetery Road I remember standing in the bedroom window looking at funeral with her,
Margaret Elma Griffin We lived at 20 Cemetery Road from 1949 till we moved to England in 1954 my maiden name is Miller
Eleanor Clark Margaret Elma Griffin must ask my cousins of they remember you Janette Rena and Billy they are older than us and stayed in Blantyre and were always up at Cemetery Road. As by 52 we had moved to Larkhall seeing Janette on Wednesday
Betty McLean Elm St had lamposts and I too remember the man lighting them. I always felt annoyed when vandals broke the glass.

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