1961 High Blantyre Prefabs


1961 Aerial Prefabs High Blantyre wm

Wow. Finally, an excellent picture of High Blantyre Prefabs in their entirety. This aerial view from 1961 looks westwards from above Burnbank back over to Blantyre. The industrial estate sneaking into the picture to the left, but its the former Prefabs that are the main focus.

To the back of the photo are the Auchinraith Prefabs adjacent to the former Bing. Alex Inglis factory is on the left, Springwells on the right. A time before the East Kilbride Expressway.

The Prefabs were built in 1947 primarily for ex-servicemen after WWII, although ended up being occupied by many families. They comprised of 8 streets whose names were associated with Rabbie Burns. Alloway Street, Afton Street, Armour Street, Burns Street, Ellisland Street, Lochlie Street, Mossgiel Street and Nith Street. By 1967, some families were being rehouses, with only a few dozen families remaining in 1968. The houses were demolished in 1969 by which time all families had been rehoused or moved away.

With thanks to Gordon Cook for the aerial photo.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Eleanor Clark We left Blantyre in 1952 and we had stayed in a prefab in Auchenraith Terrace
Alistair Morrow Kelvin Gardens bottom left when fairly new … and Glenlee House bottom right
Elizabeth Grieve I don’t remember the prefabs
Anne Ellis I remember visiting the Walsh’s there back in the day, loved it, Aunt Nora made the best yorkshire puddings lol
Jim McDougall Moved into Lochlie st in 1947 I was 4 years old , this is the first photo I’ve seen of the prefabs and it’s brilliant, Many many happy years growing up there with brilliant neighbours who I’ll never forget , Fond memories of a time gone by ,Thanks for sharing this photo with us.
Ian Dino McDougall Jim McDougall it seems strange dad that we spent our last year’s on the same patch.i have never seen this photograph before..good old TYRE
Catherine Morrison Loved the prefabs when everyone was equal and looked out for one and other great memories great photo Jim X x
Jim McDougall Great times Cathy, As you said we were equal everyone was the same at that time and our neighbours were all in the same boat, looking after each other , Brilliant times xx
Robert McLeod-Wolohan i remember them well, used to go past them the auchinraith prefabs everyday going and coming home from school, and the ash bing where we used to play lol then frank doonin got the contract to move the bing, and then there was beatons coaches next to the ash bing lol such such fond memories
Marian Maguire My husbands family were away by 68 as he hadn’t started high school ie: St J.O. So it had to be 1965 or thereabouts.
Marian Maguire My husbands house is 8th from the right, straight back row Mossgiel Street.
Marie Bell Great photo Paul. I’m sure Historic Hamilton would love to share this as it is the best photo I’ve seen if St Cuthberts primary school. You can also see Hannah’s hut at the top of Russell Street.
Marie Bell Blantyre Project Thanks Paul. I’m sure many people from Burnbank will also enjoy the photograph. It certainly brought back many happy memories for me. I actually came from High Blantyre but we were in St Cuthbert’s catchment area so we walked or bused this route every school day.
Historic Hamilton Thanks Marie. I love this picture and totally forgot about the large three storey building which was on Reid Street. I also love the field behind the woods where Glenlee House was and the empty land behind Russell Street (Now Ballantrae Road). And if you look close enough you can see all the hedge rows and sheds in the gardens of Thorntree Avenue. Thanks for sharing this Paul. 😀
Marie Bell Blantyre Project, I remember in the field mentioned, there was wild fruit such as gooseberries and raspberries. I seem to remember being told that the field was used as garden plots at one point. Also, that the burn beside it had old broken TVs lying around in it. I guess that was long before recycling.
Drew Fisher Great picture, thanks for posting. Makes the site look very appealing but I seem to remember my mother wiping the condensation off the walls with towels due to the poor insulation and structure of the homes. I think we moved out around 1958.
Jim Frame Stayed in ellisland street since birth and everyone knew everybody else in the street great memories
Jane Paterson We stayed in Mossgiel Street my wee mum used to say if they had bricked round about them they would have never moved out. Great memories, good neighbours….
Bernadette Mcparland We stayed in 115 Auchenraith Terrace next door to Logies. Played over the Bing all day. Was a great wee safe community. Everybody looked after each other. Eventually had to move to Farm Road in 1970 when our wall collapsed in the Living room.
Lynn Monaghan I was born in 39 Mossgiel Street in 1962. Think we moved in 67 but I still remember the layout inside.

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