1961 Blantyre Industrial

Continuing a look this week at some aerial imagery from the 1960s. This time from 1961, is Blantyre Industrial Estate.

1961 Blantyre industrial wm

In the foreground middle is Burnbrae Farm, to the left the relatively new flats at Hillhouse and Udston. The focus though is on the Industrial Estate, which at this time was only 14 or 15 years old. Everything looks fairly new and you’ll see immeditely a lack of cars or vehicles. Perhaps the photo was taken on a Sunday, for even an industrial area like this midweek in the 60s would have had vehicles going back and forth.

Fields surround the estate to the south and west with the timber houses at Parkville Drive just apparent at the top right.

With thanks to Gordon Cook for this high resolution image this zoomed in view was taken from.


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