1958 McGlynns & Ashley Place

This photo shows Ashley Place in 1958. The children are Catherine and James McGlynn. The houses look fairly new, the gardens only formed a couple of years earlier. With thanks to Catherine for sharing.

1958 Catherine & James McGlynn

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Catherine Whitefield Both James an I were born in number 10 which was my gran s house .. she later on in years swopped houses with number 11 with my aunt ( her daughter) an now my other brother resides there now . 3 generation of mcglynns in that house.
Maria McGlynn Aww my Dad & my Auntie,I love how we still have this same house to visit after all these years.Ive had a lot of great memories over the years & still many to come since it’s my Uncle Michael & Auntie Brenda house 
Ashley Hubbard Maria McGlynn I gained the street name
Joseph Mccue Yip great memories made in that street miss it.

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