WW1 Soldier


1915 ww1 soldier

Another clear and interesting photo from Margaret Stewart’s photo album.

A WW1 soldier, in full uniform, looking smart and staring direct at the camera. Perhaps ready to head off to war, this Blantyre man is pictured at a farm gate. Again, we have to wonder if this man survived his service.

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John Cornfield A great pic of a corporal Cameroonians ???

James Richardson Peter Stewart senior Barnhill?

Lou Gibson I took the liberty of seeking interpretation of this photo on https://www.greatwarforum.org, a forum where very helpful people apply their deep knowledge to help inform us about WW1 soldiers. Indeed, two have contributed. The following is almost enti…See moreManageGREATWARFORUM.ORGGreat War Forum

Blantyre Project Thank you Lou, thats fantastic and I appreciate the trouble youve gone to

Lou Gibson Further comment from GreatWarForum:

Lou Gibson Assuming that the photo might perhaps be before 1908, rather than after, which would predate the formation of the Territorial Force, then I think he is maybe from one of several Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteer units that at that time were categorised as ‘Volunteer Battalions’ of whichever regular army Scottish infantry regiment that they had been aligned with by the Cardwell/Childers Reforms. These latter included the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) and Highland Light Infantry. On that premise it seems likely now that the trousers and glengarry are perhaps green and the ‘ball’ buttons on his pockets black. It’s unclear if the snake buckle belt is a long standing rifles pattern of Slade Wallace type, or if it is from the 1914 leather equipment. If the latter then the unit ID is less clear beyond its undoubted auxiliary status.

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