Cigarette Heist at Rennie’s, 1967


Health-Campaigners-Call-For-A-Tobacco-Levy-To-Help-Smokers-QuitWho remembers Rennie’s Shop in Coatshill? Did you know in 1967, a massive quantity of cigarettes were stolen from the shop.

In the early hours of Friday 19th May 1967, almost 26,000 cigarettes were stolen in an audacious heist! Two 20 year old young men from Burnbank, under cover of darkness broke into the shop and they knew exactly what they were after. They made straight for  the cigarettes carting off such quantity without being detected that it was likely they returned to get the rest.

Following a police tip off, both men were discovered later in the week with the merchandise and remanded in custody.

From the book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018


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Hannah Mcaleenan i rem rennies ok when i came in from school everyday my granda would send ne to rennies for a screw top then a boy in my class decided to nickname me wee boozy

John Dunsmore Yes I stayed two minutes from shop. John. Rennie mind of the break in .👍✌

Jane ScobbieJohn Dunsmore John are you related to Janice Dunsmore married John ?? He died a good few years ago

John DunsmoreJane Scobbie no but think you are thinking. Janice. Dunsmuir married the late. John. Fulston Janice was from. Berkley drive me thinks. I stayed. Lime grove coatshill.

Jane ScobbieJohn Dunsmore yeah that’s her. Don’t suppose you know where she is now. I know John died some years ago and they were living up in High Blantyre at the time. I’m an old Blantarian and friend of Janice but like many have lost touch and would love to meet her again. Hopefully maybe you or your friends know of her whereabouts now. Thanks for getting back to me. I’m coming to Blantyre next Monday n will try again to seek her out. Thank you

Jane ScobbieJohn Dunsmore my gran lived at no 7 Lime Grove but died 1969

Marie Mc Millan Yes remember the shop well

John DunsmoreJane Scobbie Janice still up. H. B. Behind. Old. Apollo pub 34 Sutherland street. High. Blantyre my parents stayed. 19 lime grove hope I’ve been helpful with. Info. Jane.💗

Alisa Tonner Jane Scobbie Carol Templeton is janices daughter x x x

Mary Crowe I remember Rennies we’ll from when I stayed in Coatshill.

Catherine Morrison Remember it well stayed in Coatshill still do

Jean MacKie Remember it well he sold single fags and my mother nearly broke my back when she found out

Helen Allan Yes remember it well

Anne Irvine My mum used to work there Helen Allan. Sure it was bout that time too haha. Gina Mcghee remember???2

Maureen Friery Moran I lived just round the corner from Rennie’s. I remember that break-in well.

Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley Remember me Rennie well word a grey overall sold it to me barry

Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley Wore.

Margaret McLaughlin Russell Remember going to Rennies on way to school 

Ann Millar Nah! a cannie mind aie RENNIE,S u must be a lot aulder than me HANNAH BEGGS Mcaleenanxx  😂😂😂

Jean MacKie Ann you dad remember Rennie’s next door to bottrilsx

Linda Halpin I stayed 2doors up from shops don’t remember it x

Ann Millar Naw! Jean, a cannie mind aie it at awe.xx

Sheena Thomson I you do Anne Miller. The shop was there from the late fifties when our family moved in to Morven Avenue.

Christine Forrest remember the big dolls in the window all decorated for xmas i used to shop for sweets all the time there

Jim Donnelly I remember old Mr Rennie,He used to have an old grey Austin van he used to bring all his stock into the shop,Used to have wear a brown kind of overall

James McMillanJim Donnelly do you still have his fags for sale 😂😂😂

John Dunsmore Defo. Jim. Donnelly , Austin can x the Brown. Overall was the trade colour brown.

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