Greenhall Pylon Line, 1967



Blantyre Pylons as pictured by Jim Brown

In May 1967, Utility company ‘South of Scotland Electricity Board’ requested permission to erect a line of pylons through the outskirts of High Blantyre and over the Greenhall Estate into the Calder.

The suggestion caused a lot of discussion amongst the 8th District Council as it was felt this was a high amenity area and although the pylons would be in fields and woodland, they would still easily be seen from High Blantyre homes.

Residents were equally outraged commenting that the pylons were too close, and concerns were raised that their presence would prevent future expansion of Blantyre in later decades. Blantyre Councillors took those concerns to a meeting on 27th May 1967 where further discussion and assurances took place.

Ultimately, the pylons were of course erected shortly after, stretching from Blantyre Park, over Greenhall into the Calder and beyond. The pylons sat relatively undiscussed until the formation of the East Kilbride Expressway where they presented as an obstacle. Additionally, the recent creation of the Greenhall Village estate by Avant Homes,  once again had planners having to consider their presence.

Pictured are the pylons in this article, photographed beautifully in recent years by Jim Brown.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Brian Weaver I had a summer job assisting the surveyor on that contract. Remember him, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth Weaver No, I don’t Brian – remind me?

Linda Mccaig I believe you can make a claim if the wires go over your house

Jim Brown Ah remember climbing one of them when they were being built, am sure it was around 1974

Marian Maguire It will just take one scare story to come out about them and the houses will be worthless.

Elizabeth Biswell Sometimes you just don’t know if there is a health risk or not

Chris Ladds One of my old memories of visiting Milheugh on evening walks is seeing the huge span of those pylons. Does not hugely impact on the scenery it seems

Jim Mccoll I for one would never consider living so close to overhead pylons, especially if I had young children, the greatest risk of course is electro magnetic radiation that you will be getting 24/7.

Jim Cochrane There’s some noise off them in the damp weather.

Alan Baird i well remember the one which got built right next to park farm , they built that new line and then dismantled the old line and took it away all together the pylon for that sat right in the middle of the same field at park farm and the next one was right in the middle of what was to become the new crematorium

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