Finbarr’s, Broompark Road


1999 Finbars

A photo from the late 1990’s. Who remembers Finbarrs’s Pub on Broompark Road? Formerly the Manhatten, and later Carrigans, this building was never anything impressive to look at outside, but did provide good entertainment and a place to enjoy company of friends, for many, many people.

1999 Finbars broompark road

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Kerry Tremble Kevan Went there from I was 18 in 93 although it became a bit of a nightmare full of young neds & fights end 90’s + into 00’s, so never went back. My dad & brothers went there when it was the original Manhattan. And the building was originally Collins mini-mart when we were in school at HBP.

Alisa TonnerKerry Tremble Kevan I’m I gon off ma head I though Collinss was at corner of broompark rd/stonefield rd lol ? 

Kerry Tremble KevanAlisa it was that’s where it moved to when they turned this into the 1st pub lol xx1

Alisa TonnerKerry my memory is awful 😂 

Alisa TonnerKerry I was in the Manhattan all the time as well pints of deisel 😷

Bill Duncan Kerry Tremble Kevan 

Kerry Tremble KevanAlisa Tonner oofft no diesel for me lol remember the girls drinking that in Caspers 😂 xx

Alisa TonnerKerry what u mean “the girls” you mean yourself 😂😂😂😂😂

Kerry Tremble KevanAlisa no Michelle, Marianne, you lol 😂😂 mines was long vodkas xx

Stephen Allan It must have been called the Larkfield after Finbars.

Daniel Anderson First time i was ever at a karaoke ,just turned 18 (manhattan at time)..always there or old carrigans before going to the Palace (whatever it was called..gloss/baby janes??)

Marie McPartland MillarKerry Ennis YatesCorr M ClearyMichelle RazzaqNicola Carrigan many a good night in here x2

Kerry Ennis Yates Haha, remember it well Marie McPartland Millar – great times xx

Corr M ClearyMarie McPartland Millar , thee place to be in Blantyre 😂x

George Hay Do you have any photos of the building as a grocery shop or Collins the Bakers building previously on the site?

Carole Mackie Rickard I’d like to see a pic of that too, or any of that part of Watson Street as it was.

Linda Ritchie George Hay I remember going to eddie collins for a bridie or sausage roll at lunch time from high Blantyre primary 🤣

George Hay I remember that too Linda, though I was only at the new primary for a year before heading to Blantyre High

James McMillan A still call it finbars 😂

Tracy Stirling Remember it was a shop when we were at school 😁

Thomas Barrett Originally it was a bakery.M

Alan LappinJohnMary-Anne Were we ever in there? #

Alan Lappin Best pub in Blantyre back then. Sunday nights/Monday mornings were the business. Terrific family entertainment

Mary-Anne Johnstone The good old days 🤣 xx

Alan Lappin Brilliant days. X

Fran Mcdermott Walters Was it no called papa franks as well ?

Thomas BarrettFran Mcdermott Walters that’s the Doonin across the road

Fran Mcdermott WaltersThomas Barrett I must have been pissed in finbars first then lol 

Hugh Sanaghan Loved finbars !! Still call it that today 🍻✊️

Alan Lappin Always be Finbarrs to us, cuz, best boozer in Blantyre back then

Hugh SanaghanAlan Lappin the quiz night on a Sunday was amazing sometimes a blur? But worth the hangovers 😜💚

Alan Lappin They were a thing of legend. Brilliant. Sunday usually consisted of an away game with the Hutch, then straight to the quiz. Superb.

Hugh SanaghanAlan Lappin 😂😂😜🍺🍻🍻🍻

Cecilia McDaid McCann Best days.xx

Alan Lappin Was superb. Different class xx

Catherine McClenaghan I temper it when it was a supermarket

Lynn Anderson I can remember Collins bakery ,my mam loved the coffee meringues

Bernadette Keenan Good memories of the Manhatten

Ish MacbrideIrene look at this lol! X

Vicki Tolson I worked in Manhatten when I turned 18 in 1988. Great memories 🍻

David Jamieson Remember it as the Manhattan was the only place in Blantyre I could get served when underage 😊

Kerry Tremble Kevan I tried getting in underage in 93 & couldn’t get past Pat the female bouncer on the door 😂

David Jamieson Kerry Tremble Kevan I was 25 and already bald in 93 so it was easy for me 😂😂

Carole Mackie Rickard I don’t remember the original bakery, but watched this building being built as I passed on the way to school. I remember the supermarket well as it was the first shop I was allowed to go to by myself 😊

Linda RitchieCarole Mackie Rickard I remember going over for bridies for lunch – must’ve been p6 or p7 lol

Brendan O’neill Ma big sister worked in the kitchen

Catherine Whitefield Love the meals they done an were reasonable as well x

John Dunsmore Eddie. Collins , top. Gentleman x friend

Ian Paterson My mum worked in there when I was at HB primary

Pamela McKeownWillma Thomson u mind this ?

Willma ThomsonPamela McKeown aye as both xx

Christian HendersonPaula Mccrory1

Paula Mccrory Yip very well.worked in it Christian..loved it xxx

Hugh Lennon Tonner Had many a good night in the Manhatton

Janette StarkLorna De Luca1M

Lorna De LucaJanette Stark good memories wee doll,wee made many…xx

Janette StarkLorna De Luca we sure did hunni xx

Marian Maguire It was Eddie Collins bakery I just remember it and no more, was there when I first met my husband. Then the pub was built. The pub was on the other side before, the Mctavish Inn, before it was the doon Inn. Glad the old pub is knocked down the new carrigans is a beautiful building. Sorry to offend anyone but I hate the bookies there, cheapens it.

Stephen Kelly Many a good night in there. My old band played in there back in the 90s… good ole days

Sharon SLittle Used to love our nights in here before the dancing 😂😂

Steven Irvine The AuchIe was the best 4 bands and karaoke in the 90s whit a laugh with all ages at club

Cllr Maureen Chalmers SNP Ward 15 Blantyre Loads of great nights in Finbars

Katharine Ann Terrett Oh my days !!! My first ever house was on broompark road !!!! I remember the bar was there then ❤️

Susan Dorricott I worked in here for 3 years or so from 1995, then came back 5 years ago before the new build. Loved this pub, so many great memories and enjoying the new build with new memories being made every day ❤️

Aldo RobinsonSharon SLittle where you not about 27 or so when you went here x 😂😂

Sharon SLittleAldo Robinson 🖕

Linda Barbour Had our wedding reception there in 2000 

Angela Tominey Awe i miss finbarrs, was a great wee pub for a drink & food. New place is lovely but a bit 2 formal compared to good old finbarrs

John Mcivor Had my first pint in here, loved it

Thomas Devine think we all had a mental nyt in there when we were younger m8 😂😂😂😂 then back to berts full house to his surprise 😂😂😂😂😂

Zoe Dargue My mammy used to take me there for lunch on a Friday since I was at school across the road 😭

Bruce Baldwin Lol I remember it as a shop. Collins I believe it was.

Lee Fleming George, I remember going to Collins when the new primary school had opened – the shop was a small, old white building before Eddie’s Centra supermarket came along.

Pies were brilliant though.

Sharon McCafferty I still call it finbars don’t I Linda Pemberton lol

Linda PembertonSharon McCafferty yip. Me too doll. Just habit lol

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