Soldiers at the Dookit, 1916


1916 Sodliers at the Dookit wm 2

How amazing to think these photos are now 102 years old! These wounded soldiers, recovering from WW1 battles, stand on Glasgow Road outside the Dookit Cinema, awaiting to go in. Some stand supported by walking sticks, others even manage a smile for the camera. The man on the left with his hand in pockets is most likely Mr Marchant, the Cinema Owner.

You can imagine the silent reels that would be shown about the progress of WW1. Propaganda perhaps leaning to the ‘success and hope’ of the war, may have been met with some disbelief from these men, who had seen firsthand what was really happening.

1916 Soldiers at the Dookit wm 1

With thanks to Gordon Cook for these brilliant photos.

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  1. They could have been going to see The Battle of the Somme. It was being shown uncensored within one week if being “shot” live on the battlefield . There is an ASC badge ie army service corps cap badge ie he would be most likely a horse wagon “driver”. Most appear to be from regiments/units from based south of the border.

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