1918 Nurse, Soldier & Dining

1918 ww1 hospitalThe last of Margaret Stewart’s interesting photos from her family album. Kindly shared here from 1918, with a likely Blantyre interest is a nurse and who appears to be a decorated French soldier.

The other photo, also with people unidentified shows a dining room set up, perhaps in a French hospital for medical staff. This was beside the photo of Blantyre Ambulance and it is known that the surplus of funds raised for the ambulance, went to assist foreign hospitals. I cannot be certain at all where the picture is or what the occasion is, but the poster on the wall eludes that it’s definitely 1918. Posted here in case anybody with wartime interest recognises the venue or knows more about the people.

1918 ww1 nurse & french soldier

Thank you to Margaret for sharing her photos this week. You may be able to tell, I’ve struggled with some of them from a need to find out more who the people are, but found them absolutely fascinating. Ok….let’s get back to some identified new Blantyre photos and factual history.

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