Christmas 1970

You may have seen in previous years, at this time of year, I like to put up a photo of my own family Christmas past. Here’s my mother, Janet at Christmas 1970 at 10 Stonefield Crescent.

I was born two months later, so I suppose you could say I’m in the photo too! I remember  our family Christmasses in the 70’s very well. The strings of cards on the wall, the fireguard around real coal fires and the old fireplace. Our dog Smishek, the first dog we had.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas surrounded by family and friends.


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Heather Campbell That dog!
Heather Mcwilliam The house my dad and his family celebrated Christmas in the 1940/50’s. Dad found a box of six apples hidden for the big day and scoffed the lot. My nana was not pleased. Lovely picture. Happy Christmas.
Blantyre Project must have just been the 40s for your family Heather. My mother was born in this house in 47.
Avril Keenan That is so lovely, I remember your mum from always having those beautiful dogs with her.
Cullen Shaw Those pictures are just so 1960s/70s. Much has changed in 50 years
Eleanor Connor Brilliant! …and we all lived in a similar house 😊.. happy days …..Merry Christmas
Lillias Addison This was my best friend we stayed across the road from each other and grew up together it’s nice to look back and remember all the happy times
John Dunsmore Janet , was a. Gem 💎 oe a lass
Margaret Mary OSullivan Love this photograph! That style of fireplace and the Christmas cards strung above, brings back so many wonderful memories.❤️ Thanks for posting. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.
Alex McCulloch Nice fireplace, brings back memories. I still have our companion set.

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