Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas from Blantyre Project! We wish all our readers, peace, happiness and love. A poem for reflection on this special day.

“Blantyre Relatives, we miss so dearly”

Presents unwrapped with festive cheer,
We sip mulled wine, the holy day here.
Children’s laughter, games and fun,
Food aplenty, gorged our tums.

Blantyre basks in Christmas delight,
Carols ring out the Silent night,
Peace and goodwill to all that we choose,
With a Community spirit we’ll never loose.

But for all the celebrations now we make,
We should keep in mind, at this break,
Those who have passed and aren’t here,
The Blantyre people, we miss so dear.

To our mums and dads who suddenly passed,
To brothers, sisters and by no means last,
To Grandparents, friends, know our hearts breaking
As we stop to remember those lives that were taken.

Watching over us all from High Blantyre to Low,
Ever warming our hearts, making them glow,
Those Blantyre relatives, I miss so dearly,
They’re still with me now, I feel that clearly.

Paul Veverka, 2015.

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