Bernard McIlduff Fish Shop

Need some help. Where was Bernard McIlduff’s Fish and Chip Shop in Blantyre ? The context is 1980 and I suspect it was on Main Street, High Blantyre, but where? When did it open and what happened to it?

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Thomas Farr Someone has just told me it was roughly up from where Mos shop is at the moment at the bus stop
John Cornfield Thomas Farr cannot been there Tam The Livingstone hotel was there later Stones it was nearer Cemetery Road
Thomas Farr John Cornfield it was Matthew Neil that told me John.
Ann Boyd Yes at the bus stop there used to be buildings that sat right along the waste ground from browns spar at one end and the chip shop was at the other end
Jim Donnelly Was straight across the road from Patterson’s the chemist McLeans shop at Cemetery Road corner and the chippy at the other corner.They used to stay in the little house Larkfield Drive Just before turning into Meadow Ave.
Ian Paterson Lorraine Hogg worked in it
Carole Mackie Rickard I remember a chip shop in the tenement that stood where the bus stop is between Cemetery Road and Family Shopper
William Dickson remember it well same buiding as hobson the buchers and post office was drinking in blakelys bar then chip shop was handy when pub shut
John Dunsmore Defo. Wullie. Dickson , out of Blakely tae the. Chippy.
Stevie Mclean There was a path right up beside the graveyard wall behind houses at top of Victoria street, chippy was in tenement building at main street, approximately where bus stop is now
Thomas Barrett I remember wee bunts mcstravock had it
Jim Brown Aye Bunt McStravock had before Gino, Bunt lived in Larkfield Drive and I guess Gino got it late 70’s
Margaret Stewart I lived in high blantyre in the 70s and remember a chippy in the building up from the bus stop . there was the chippy, post office and a grocers .if my memory is right
Brian Weaver My mum had Kiddiwear which was the shop next door to Hobson’s the Butcher in the 1950s. The chip shop was on the other side of Kiddiwear and my dad owned it for a while about 1957. Elizabeth, do you remember any details?
Elizabeth Weaver Brian Weaver I only remember going to Rutherglen to buy a chip cutter! Seemed amazingly high tech back then. You put the whole potato (peeled) into it and when you turned the handle, chips came out. Dad was still working at Hoover then of course – the chip shop was his second job.
Brian Weaver I remember marvelling at that chip cutter!
Elizabeth Weaver Brian Weaver We were easily impressed in the 50s 😂
Andrea Olsen Brian, I did too and it was such a treat to be bought a bag of chips
Elizabeth Weaver Andrea Olsen Brian Weaver The funny thing is we rarely ate chips, even at home! They were a very occasional treat
Julie Tabor I only remember Gino having this shop from away back.
Margaret Elma Griffin It was next door to Mrs Weavers shop further down Hobsons the Post office and on the corner
Jean Mcdades was sent many a time to get a fish supper
Jackie MacDonald The grocers was my Gran Mary McDade.
Margaret Elma Griffin Sorry thought the lady’s was Jean
Anne Irvine Remember the chippy. Was a vacancy in it but I wasn’t allowed to take it . June Fox did you? Was in the same building as Art + Ariel Cars was it not ?
Liz Allan I think a few of the Taylor sisters worked in it x
Bernadette Watt Chip shop was just behind where bus stop is There was a full row of shops along that stretch Spar, Post office was there at one point And another few shops
Trisha Mcginty I remember the chip 🍟 shop where the bus 🚌stop is at High Blantyre, u walked right out towards the bus stop & the spar Conner shop on the old building
Jai Pender The chippy as most folk are saying was roughly where bus stop is. I can mind, looking left to right. Spar was on left, taxi office next, discount store that sold all sorts. Then famous chippy where Pearl always had plasters on her fingers… She survived & worked in new shop for a while next to McCleans newsagents, still with plasters ….
Jai Pender Post office had a horrible concrete floor. Taxi office had a few retro couches lol. I bought my action Jacks from discount store. Oh memories….
Jai Pender No one recall taxi office? They had a blue maxi & a beige allegro
Stephen Kelly My mum says the owners names were Agnes and Bunt McStravock the chippy was roughly where the bus stop is at the main street up from Family Shopper. They lived in the house just at the corner of Larkfield Drive where my auntie now lives. My mum and her sisters all grew up round the corner in Meadow Avenue
Steven Park Spar on corner, post office, butcher’s, chip shop last in the block,fish van sat in the lane next to it,wed & Friday i think,the lane lead down back of Victoria street along graveyard wall,coming out at mossbank then burnbrae rd

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