Stonefield Public Park, Early 70’s


1972 Stonefield Public Park wm

Marie and Davie Kelly kindly shared this photo recently. Marie says, “Davie Kelly & I was looking at old pictures & found one of the Blantyre Public Park. We thought you’d like to see it early 1970s”

1972 Stonefield Public Park1 wm

Taken from the back of the tenements on Glasgow Road, the scene is idyllic and a far cry from what it looks like today. The trees, of course much smaller in this photo which is notably busy with families enjoying the outdoors.

1972 Stonefield Public Park2 wm

The prominent feature of course it the former large outdoor pool. Although no boats are on it on that particular day, plenty of people are in the water paddling and swimming, which if I recall was sometimes dangerous due to broken bottles. However, the park looks well kept in this scene.

We’re quick to look back on what was once there with fond memories, and although some of the park has given up to sheltered houses, for the best part, the park remains a great outdoor space today. The play equipment may be needing some attention, but I have to admit this park DOES look very green and leafy at times, with the trees now very much taller.  I can champion the modern era as much as I want but between you and me, I still prefer the scene pictured.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Marie Kelly Was a great place to be until the stupid people breaking glass in pond
Maz Anne Marie Kelly I was one of the kids tht landed in Hairmyres due to idiots doing tht both my feet were badly cut x
Marie Kelly Maz Anne soz to hear that,they’v ruined a good thing x

Marie Kelly Davie Kelly

Janette Stark Was a beautiful park great memories

Kenneth Dunne Visited in 1971

Joan Adams When the pond was frozen we all went ice skating on the pond
Theresa Lee I used to love visiting my granny Neil and popping in to see my uncle shug THT looked after the park xx
Joan Adams Uncle shug done the flower beds which was always stunning and kicked our bums when caught doing wrong lol😂
Theresa Lee Joan Adams I remember it like it was yesterday lol xx😍
Elaine Hutcheson The best park ever
Irene Agnew Loved that park spent hours in it then !!!!!

Sadie Dolan Great Childhood memories of this park in late 60s and 70s yeah my friend got glassed in foot very serious ambulance came and took her to hospital xx

Paul McLauchlin The council ruined that park.

Anne So many memories and so many scars from there to 😂

Bernadette Mcparland It was a fabulous park… paddling pool boating pond…great memories…

Ann Hartman Great park spent many a happy day in 60s

Andy Hilston When Blantyre was Blantyre…. fond memories
Mary Kirkbride So many happy times spent there when school was out for summer.

Paul Black A 4 inch scar on my right foot is a constant reminder to me of how dangerous broken glass is, and that was in the wee pool on Gala day😱

Linda Gourlay Paul Black the wee blue pools at the back of the park nearing Station Rd.. me too – cut my foot on broken bottles
Gord Fotheringham All the parks in blantyre were well kept in the good old days…the only change was the council…as far as I know

Fiona Broadley Semple Easi Jaz just popped up on FB lol….. scene of the FIRST Thriller 😂

Easi Jaz No way sis! 😲 … Wot a coincidence! 🤣 lol xxx

Catriona Paterson It was a beautiful park, just a eyesore now…… the rest of Blantyre its becoming neglected by SLC.

Isabel Mcneily Great memories

Bernadette Watt Used to be so much to do in this park Everything has been taken away So sad for
Blantyre and the up coming youth

Gordon Mather Great memories of that park, spent many good times there. What was the ‘Parkys’ name, he kept that park in good order, but you could hear him shout ‘get aff that bike’ from the west end.
Thomas Fallon John McDonagh

John Paterson Gordon Mather I think his name was McDonald but can’t remember his first name

Denis Kane-Priest I remember the park with fondness. A couple of years ago I revisited, much to my regret, I should have stayed well away. Memory now tarnished.

Janette Innes McElwee Loved playing here. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Matthew Neil Tell the 2 thing’s missing from picture?

David Scott That’s when it was a park

Thomas Fallon Boating pond and baby pool
Thomas Fallon Just not Ed thee boating pond by awwe John mc Donald got afthe grsass
Matthew Neil The 2 things missing are putting shed next to hedge and far side boating shed where they kept boats
John Strachan The putting green
Karen Nicoll My grandpa and I used to play pitch and putt often, it was a fabulous park .

William Mullen punch 👊 and judy

Karen Nicoll Aye the woman was called Auntie Lila 😂😂😂

William Mullen Karen Nicoll lol

Anita Watson Great park gone to ruin council need a massive rethink .

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