Queen Elizabeth 2 Coronation 1953

1953 Coronation at Beech Place

Here’s a great article kindly written and provided by reader, Archie Simm.

“On June 2nd , 1953 as part of the Queen Elizabeth 2nd, Coronation, throughout the UK there were neighbourhood and community celebrations big and small.

Beech Place (a small cul-de-sac off Auchinraith Road between Elm Street and Logan Street) held their own neighbourhood celebration from morning to night. Daytime was focused on kids activities. A day of play, games, music, lunch and gifts was provided for all 12 resident families. Families living close by on Auchinraith Road were also welcomed.

On a glorious sunshine day at almost 6 years old, I remember taking part in games for the kids, the packed lunches and holograms of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip being handed out by “Sanny” Frew who sat on the wee brick wall toward the end of the cul-de-sac close, to the lamp post. I wonder if anyone still has one of those holograms. His pal “Sanny” Graham handed out prizes to winners of games for kids in their relative age groups.

Sanny Frew had one leg, on crutches and spent each day sitting on the wee stone wall at the entrance to Beech Place where he lived in the close on Auchinraith Road. He was joined daily by “Sanny” Graham of 2 Beech Place who got around with the aid of two walking sticks but stood, never sitting. They always had an hello or nod head and a chat, if anyone was so inclined. They knew more than anyone about neighbourhood gossip!

That sunny day seemed to go on forever. Josh Wilson (emigrated to Australia) was a baker and he made a fantastic cake on display in the Wilson front garden at 3 Beech Place.

Brother Charlie Johnstone had rigged up a radio and record player on a table in our front garden at 4 Beech Place and was in charge of sound for the day. I remember the wires he fed through the open front window. Music was played from morning to night.

A late afternoon football game was arranged for the adults….men versus women. Us kids were confined to watching from our living room windows or porches at the closes. I vividly remember the women’s team key player, or “ringer”…..it was MISTER Kelly who ran from the close at number 3 wearing a pair of large pink bloomers, rigged up boobs, wig and make up. He was running around with the ball down his knickers with some of the men chasing him. A fitba’ game did ensue. I’m sure the ladies won.

After more fun and food, a small bonfire was lit around dusk. A fancy dress party and dance for the adults was arranged, the music still playing from our front garden. I remember our Dad Andrew Simm, with a huge feather headdress and striped blanket over his shoulders as chief Running Bull.

My last memory of that day was watching all the adults waltzing around the fire……”pure dead brilliant”!

With memory help from my sister Alice and brother Hugh, we were able to recall the resident families of that day, with the exception of one at 5 Beech Place, upstairs. A few years after the Coronation that house was occupied by the Trussler family.

No 1…..Gray down and Hawkins up.
No 2…..Graham and Reynolds down, MacDade and Sneddon up.
No 3…..Wilson and McGill down, Phillips and Kelly up.
No 4…..Simm and Hampsey down, McCallum and Allen up.
No 5…..Rodgers down, Breens Up.

Of course we are open to be corrected! This is a picture of the Beech Place kids on Coronation Day taken outside the Wilsons front garden at No. 3.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Eleanor Clark We had already left Blantyre (Auchenraith Terrace ) and went to stay in Larkhall

Valerie Krawczyk What wonderful memories.

Moira Macfarlane That is a brilliant photo,just a shame it’s not very clear,,i remember a few people who lived there,,,,
John Cornfield Cracking picture and a great recollection of times gone past

Ann Wilson Hi Archie it was John Wilson who emigrated to Australia .And he says the Nelsons lived above the Reynolds.Duncan Wilson married Hannah Nelson they emigrated to New Zealand .

Jim Mcintyre My Mumm’s maiden name was Reynolds…Rose…though she was married in 52 and lived in Logan Street
Helen Lawson Taylor A lot of well known faces ,my brothers the Mc Gills are in the photo along with the other neighbour s xx
Sadie Dolan The magill stayed on same close as my mum dad I use to be friends with Betty magill when she came to visit her gran happy days x

Elizabeth Daley Mary Swan

Joyce Frew Marasco Thx Andrew something to show Granda Frew’s great grandkids and great great grand kids……

John Allan My grandad and granny allan stayed there remember sanny sitting on the wall

Norma Frew Maxwell Thank you Andy Lynch, oh how I loved Granda Frew! I will show this to his Great Grandkids & Great Great Grandkids
Etta Morrison Norma Frew Maxwell I remember Sanny well he kept all the kids in order and wouldn’t let wee ones leave cul de sac..xx
Tom McGuigan Do you mean Queen Elizabeth I?

Margaret Reid Tom McGuigan No the present queen x

Tom McGuigan Spent many a day in there with John Daly playing football in the late 60s.
Tom McGuigan Elizabeth Daley. Are you a relative of John’s?

Sadie Dolan Tom McGuigan that’s liz man micks wee bro .

Tom McGuigan Sadie Dolan Yes. I remember Mick too. He was a good footballer

Sadie Dolan My mum dad moved into this house in 1960s I was about 4 we stayed upstairs from mister Wilson at 3b beech place brilliant memories of this wee place knew sanny frew well used to go for his paper at shop.

Senga Steven Arbuckle Linda Gray Denise Keeler I’m sure that’s your dad at the back row holding the cat
Linda Gray Looks like our Stewart x

Linda Gray I know it isn’t 😂 x

Senga Steven Arbuckle I have a similar photo somewhere of your dad with a cat x

Linda Gray I meant I know it isn’t Stewart x

Senga Steven Arbuckle I think the baby at the front with the dummy is Etta. Margaret or Anne x
Elizabeth Daley My in laws stayed there for years until the early 80s
Jackie Mcallister Yvonne McCartney our old house in Beech Place
Sadie Dolan Jackie Mcallister wee were up stair happy times although before our time can just see my close window at top would have been nice to see the full windows at top xx
Marion Chatham I remember Sanny Frew I was born in the flat above his, my Grandparents were Jimmy and Sarah Sneddon.

Bernadette Mcparland We stayed in Auchenraith Terrace years later was friends with William trussler and the Laws from beech place…

Betty McLean Every New Year right on midnight Mr. Sneddon opened his kitchen window and played A Guid New Year. Sanny Frew and Sanny Graham Made sure children from Beech Place didn’t wonder far. We were blessed to have good neighbours in Beech Place. I am from the McGill family.
Nina Muir What a lovely memory. 💗

Jackie Paterson my fist flat was beech place a was last in the flat before they got knocked down

Jackie Paterson i stayed in 4c was great big flat had some good times

Wendy Frew I’m Alex Frew Joyces big brother..Sanny and Agnes Frew were my grandparents. When we moved to England I spent all my summer holidays with them and Great Granda Gallagher lived with them. They were the best grandparents I could have.Great Granda had a dog called Gem .On a Friday night Granny Frew would Gem down to the pub to help them home sometimes they would get a taxi with a blue light on the roof…Granny would not be amused….Sanny Frews brother would visit with his Pony and Trap my job to collect the horse muck for Grandads Gardens. My Granny Frew with her big heart gave me Steak and onions once a week and a tin of Ambrosia rice every day…Auntie Anne was jealous as I was the only one to get this ha ha …Happy days…. My first weeks wage went to my Granny Frew for all the love she gave me. Grannys best friend was Minnie Logan who lived in Elm Street another lovely lady. Xxxx

Wendy Frew Minnie Mogan. X
Etta Morrison Thanks Archie for bring all those memories back..I remember the coronation party in Beech Place.. we were all given brooches with the new queens face on them..was a delight to watch your dad and some other men dressed up playing football and the music coming from outside your window..I remember your dad singing Golden Coach a song about the queen having aheart of gold he sang it at new year.. thanks again Archie .. Gray 1 beech pl. Xx

Etta Morrison Wish I could make out kids in the photo..I remember my brother Sandy being friendly with Davy Nelson John McGill and Jackie Johnstone..I’m still in contact with Helen McGill xx

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    My father Charles Johnstone is in this pic, does anyone know a rough age he might have been?

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