1960 Fernslea Avenue


1960 Fernslea Avenue wm

Taking you all now to 1960. Pictured is the old chip shop on Fernslea Avenue at the junction of Oaklea Crescent. The picture looks north towards the old St Blanes school. The houses adjacent on Fernslea Avenue look fairly new, the roughcast still pristine, with young hedgerows in the gardens.

What’s your memories of this area? A massive flurry of discussion for this great photo.

With thanks to Marie Kelly for sharing this great, clear photo.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Irene Dickman My aunt,uncle and cousins lived in Oaklea Crescent. Am I right Billy McDade?

Billy McDade Yes Irene, we lived at No.4 Oaklea Cres. The photo looks as though it was taken in the garden of either No.6 or 8 Oaklea. Brings back many memories of growing up there. Happy days.

Catherine Robertson Terry Brolly? Is your mum Ann Brolly ?

Moira Macfarlane Remember it well ,,

John Cornfield Went to Saint Blanes 1965-72 in the last year we kept our dinner money and went to Hughie Hendrys shop bought ginger and crisps and sweeties something we ver rarely got due to lack of money!
A couple of years later working delivering milk as a Wilkie Warrior on collection night I’d walk along Fernslea ave on my way to Wilkie’s Farm (Bardykes Farm) or back home to Camelon Crescent And id stop at the chippy and get my dinner the 1st time I tried pizza deep fried great memories of distant days long time ago 😀

Daniel Anderson Kelly the palace du alice 😀xx

Jim Donnelly Used to hang about Danny Connors Chipshop &Hughie Hendry And his son had the connecting shops.
Betty Dargue Janette Stark stayed in this street for over 45yrs now, its a great street, had a lot of good neigbours in my time being here, still a few of them still here. Ran about it 2 when i was younger with my cousins the Bairds & friends also walked up & down it when i stayed with my mum & dad who stayed in donald street , up roung corner from it happy mermorys x
Betty Dargue Betty Dargue ps my husband Robert live @ the bottom end near stonefield rd also did a milk round on it 2 x
Sandy Wilkie but Betty, was he a Wilkie Warrior, a Roxburgh Rascal, a Coop Kid or a Torrance Terror?

Betty Dargue Sandy Wilkie my son was a Wilkie Warrior lol cant answer for my hubby Sandy as he is no longer here xx

Sandy Wilkie I remember the name but can’t picture him, Betty.

Betty Dargue Sandy Wilkie my son is Troy x

Sandy Wilkie Yip, got him now!!! And an excellent milk boy he was too! And now?

Betty Dargue Doing great he runs a bussiness also cornerstone pub up @ high blantyre cross x

Betty Dargue Sandy Wilkie though u would when u heard his name x

Sandy Wilkie ill go in and say “hello” one day.

Betty Dargue Sandy Wilkie do that Sandy wher r u now ??

Sandy Wilkie Im still at Bardykes. We also have a wee place in Argyll.

Betty Dargue Sandy Wilkie o its lovely there x

Betty Dargue Betty Dargue was up @ my cousin George Baird funeral 2day stay in sprue ave yrs ago the had booked the cornerstone for after it he was only 64yrs they lost older bro this yr 2 & also his wife not long after he was called Ned they do meals in the pub 2 x

Isobel Paterson Memories 😊😊

David Reeley Where did grandad live Thomas Cuthbertson

Thomas Cuthbertson Just up a bit from the shops…. to the left of the picture

David Reeley Cant remember. Havn’t been there in 40 years.

Thomas Cuthbertson David Reeley yeah a lot has changed since then, Let me know if your ever over this way
Estelle Mcgowan Thomas Cuthbertson I lived across the road from you at number 81 x hope you all doing well x

Billy Campbell Never oot it my gran lived across the rd

Liz Smith Billy Campbell campbells a knew stayed fernslea about two houses down from school lovely people neighbours were all great x
Gordon Hayburn Wilma Hayburn McNulty. I wish “Eng” was still there.
Wilma Hayburn McNulty Gordon it’s sad when you think of the ones that aren’t here anymore “Eng” being one of them love you son xx
Gordon Hayburn The first house to the right of the shop (no 108) was home to my gran, auntie and cousin – who still lives there. Used to be able to get through the back fence to the school.
Anne Lappin Gordon Hayburn ‘i we stayed next door to you Aunty Ellen in 106 (Martins ) Kenneth still there ,xxx
Gordon Hayburn Anne Lappin great memories. x

Anne Lappin Gordon Hayburn your right there doll ‘xxxx

William Dickson my gran and granda dickson were the first family in at 1 baronhall drive they were first houses to be let the flitted from maxwell crescent
Rena Caullay Yes you’re right Irene Dickman , and auntie Sarah stayed next door. X.
Walter Campbell Used to by our refreshments from the shop when it was shuggy henries then Deans
Nichola Raeburn Hughie Henry I’m sure was my dad’s cousin, is that right Stewart?

Liz Allan Im a wheatland girl my granpa Dobson lived in fernslea as did some of my friends ran round to hughie hendry’s on a sunday for a block of Neapolitan icecream which he wrapped in a newspaper parcel to keep it cold lol

Liz Smith Liz Allan a was born in 65 fernslea avenue x

Liz Allan Liz Smith yeah I remember you did you stay with your gran? You had a sister I think and stayed across from Dorothy Wylie granpa dobson was no 59

Liz Allan Liz Smith you were small in height and had short white blonde hair xx

James McMillan Willie Nullie looks like picture taking from your old house

Liz Smith A was born in 65 fernslea avenue great wee street hughie hendrys was next to dannys chippy xx
Agnes McAllister Mr Hendrys shop I’m sure there was the chip chop there
Liz Smith Agnes McAllister aye dannys chippie agnes xx

Agnes McAllister Liz Smith great memories getting sent to big Hughies shop xxx

Liz Smith Agnes McAllister it sure was agnes a miss up there brillant scheme you could leave yer doors open and nobody would bother ye then yer wee trips up the cauther dilueting juice and peaces jam played up there for hours lol xx
Andy Paterson I was born in number 53, Fernslea Ave, 1962
Agnes McAllister Liz Smith we had great times out playing all day and night things are so different now there was no badness then xxx
Margaret Lappin My gran lived in the 2nd house from the shop, my uncle still stays in this house today x
Robert Moore My Gran and Papa stay in 7 Fernslea Avenue got a lot of good memories there and the swing park over the back brilliant memories

Janette Moran Robert Moore was that mr and mrs jackson?

Ken Cropp My Granny lived in Oaklea Cres

Liz Smith Ken Cropp a knew the cropp tae x

Ken Cropp Liz Smith i can’t remember what number they lived

Janette Moran No 3

Lynn Smith The shops were across the road and to the right of our house and that is where Douglas used to get his bread boards to make his boggies Carol Malcolmsonxxx
Carol Malcolmson I will show him thanks xx

Lynn Kelly I lived in wheatland ave, was In Hughie Hendrys shop nearly every day xx

Willie Nullie Lol that’s nuts James McMillan
Janette Moran I was born in oaklea cres. Parent were the First tenant.

Alice Sanaghan I LIVED In Hazelwood Drive

Margaret Milligan Yes and your mum was my husbands cousin ‘ beautiful wee woman Alice xx

Alice Sanaghan Not seen you for a long time margaret hope your well xx

Bridget Whelehan I recognise my working home hiding in the background.Many great memories of my time in Blantyre.x
Liz Smith Bridget Whelehan awe bridget a didint know you came from there a was born in 65 fernslea my mums family well known in blantyre dempseys xx

Bridget Whelehan No Liz, I was referring to St. Blaine’s school in the background.xx

Liz Smith Bridget Whelehan awe right lol ave no read it right lol xx
John Allan Spent my youth playing football in the square

James Connolly born in number 76, just down from the school gates. My auntie cathy (mcskimming ) had the chip shop way back in the early sixties. of course i remember hughie hendry who was a bit of a character. My brother still lives in Fernslea.

Eddie Campaigne Hi Jim I remember you and your brother Micheal when i lived in Fernslea..left Blantyre in the 70’s…hope your keeping well mate!😉

Stephen Mccall Eddie Campaigne did you work for W Norris on Stonefield Road. If you did I got the delivery job after you. Done it for 2years then join Wilkies on the night run.

Eddie Campaigne Stephen Mccall yes mate that’s right be 1972 …went to pack shelves in Coopers Fine Fare in hamilton after school (John Ogilvie) they payed 20p per hour to the boys who worked after school in 1972…Wullie was tight he only payed 10p! didn’t miss pushing that bike in the rain!😀

David Dickson Danny conner would be frying his chips with a fag hanging out of his mouth

Carolyn Patterson Yes I remember the chippy and Hughie Hendrys shops his son used to serve in the wee newsagents next door used to buy our single fags f there as well lol
Catherine Whitefield Hughie Hendry s was a brilliant shop he knew everyone by name from the area . I was born in Ashley place an lived in wheatland ave .
Murray Brown My wife Adela jackson lived at 7 Oakley crest .
Gordon Hayburn Murray Brown my big sister, Wilma Hayburn McNulty lives there now! 😊 Small world
Wilma Hayburn McNulty 18 years now xx

Margaret Milligan I lived13 Oakley crescent ‘ me and mrs Jackson were lovely neighbors xx

Claire McAlpine Murray Brown I remember my mum, Robina Quinn always spoke to your wife at St Cuthbert’s 12 o’clock mass
Mum and her family lived in Hazelwood Drive Cx

Lyn Lappin My gran stayed next to shop..my uncle is still there..loved staying there and going into hughie henrys.

Jim Campbell Danny’s chippy

Hugh Lennon Tonner Wee Gary Kelly worked in the shop.

Andy Hilston My family came from there originally i can remember the shop and the chippy
Nicola Paterson My gran and papa used to live in Ashley place and I can always remember walking round to MR Deans xx
Catriona Paterson Nicola Paterson your great grandma and grandpa stayed 53 fernslea ave and your dad was born there too Nicola.
Nicola Paterson Aw I didn’t know that xx
Catriona Paterson They were first to get keys to that house when they were built, moved up from Clark street.
Maureen Friery Moran I have many happy memories of visiting my Auntie Mary and Uncle Pat McGunnigal in Oaklea Crescent.

Wilma Hayburn McNulty Worked in chippy myself a very long time ago 😂😂😂

Anne Mosley Wilma Hayburn McNulty I never knew that Wilma ! X
Catherine Robertson Hi Wilma… Remember you well. Catherine Robertson from number 58 Fernslea.

Wilma Hayburn McNulty Anne my first job 😂😂😂

Catherine Robertson Very well thanks Wilma. And you? Xx

Wilma Hayburn McNulty Great Catherine thanks xx

Elizabeth O’Brien My dads grandparents stayed in No 44 Fernslea Avenue. Could have been the first residents in the house. My dad then managed to get the house years later. A house I loved. He swapped it with the current tenants.

When I was born I lived in 6 Fernslea Avenue. And we also had family in 4 Fernslea Avenue.

My best childhood memories r the friends I had on the street and those who came from surrounding areas – Orchard Drive, Oaklea, Ivy Place 😊

Peter McCafferty Used to go to Hughie Hendrys almost daily after being at my grans in Hazelwood Avenue for my lunch when I was at the “Blainys”.

Teresa Brannan My nana and da Brannan lived in 2 Hazelwood drive backing on to side of shops xxx my grandad or da as I called him had avery at back of garden and he bred canaries xxx great memories xxx

Agnes McAllister My dad bred Canaries as well George McDermott we lived in 119 fernslea avenue can remember your nana and grandad Teresa Brannan xx
Nicola Gordon Nothings changed

Jade Devine Michelle Fleming that’s crazy it looks so different

Michelle Fleming i know lol xx

Jacqueline Lynch Was never away from the sweetie bit of Hendrys…Then worked there for a year.

Catherine Robertson I remember taking you to your first day at secondary school Jacqueline.

Jacqueline Lynch Lol Hi Catherine,funny how things come back to mind. Hope your well Catherine Robertson I am thanks. You ? Was just thinking after I posted that comment about the school. I think it was Janice I took up to Ogilvie on her first day …. xx

Lizzi Mac I waa brought up in Fernslea…good times…my wee Dad still going strong there!!xxx
Jacqueline Duffy My family stayed in oaklea crescent looking face on to the shops Went to St Blanes and in mr Hendrys shop every single day

Andy Man Fiona, memories, eh cuz !!!

Fiona Wellard Andy Man Oh my….can just see my mam working away in the shop, with her “ adoptive” son Hugh (Shug) 😀
Mr Hendry always let us choose a couple of bars of chocolate for a Sunday treat 😋
Morag Sarah Ravenscroft Hughie hendry used to give us an old bread board to use as a slide, his son was a nice guy.

Andy Man Aye, i still have flashbacks of inside the shop, your mam wi a big peenie on,i can even mind getting sat on the counter while mam was getting served, then when i was in ma teens, it was aww the rage to get yir ear pierced, a lassie called caroline that i went to school with was working in the shop, i went in to get pierced, she said, haud on till i get the instructions while holding the peircing gun, i said, naw, i’ll just leave it !!!!!

Fiona Wellard Andy Man Do you remember the auld weighing scales (no the food wans) but to weigh yersel that you had to use an auld penny in ? My mam used to take her Sunday brisket to work to slice on the machine…don’t know how many times she also sliced her finger and instead of a plaster she’s wrap some grease proof paper round it 😬
Andy Man the scales, were they huge, maybe red, memories get fuzzy !!!

Fiona Wellard Andy Man Your right…my mam used to have the auld pennies behind counter to use 😀

Andy Man its aww coming floodin back , the breadboards were they at an angle wi the loafs on them ( i think ) see, fuzzy !!
Fiona Wellard Your no a fuzzy as you think, your doin well cuz 👍🏼
Andy Man its ma age ye know !!!! , i mind noo, when auld hugh was selling up, a few of us took young Hugh into Hamilton and we got wrecked, that was a fuzzy night, must have been about 18 ish then, good times !! Wonder where he is now ??
Fiona Wellard No sure where he is, Last time I saw him he was at my mams funeral, she was very fond of him…he had a sister called Sylvia…

Andy Man aye fiona, he was a crackin guy, hope he’s well, i’m sure my mate’s sister is still friendly with silvia, i’ll find oot and let ye know

Fiona Wellard Thanks for sending me this page, it’s been nice reminiscing…in the words of Cher “ if I could turn back time”, just for a wee while 💜
Morag Sarah Ravenscroft John cornfield you must have been in my class?
Catherine Robertson I was born and brought up in no. 58 Fernslea Avenue . Remember the chippie well . Friday night bag of chips and a pickle !!! Went to St. Blanes Primary . Played in the wee swing park over our back fence !! Seems like only yesterday .
Anne Mosley Catherine Robertson We were neighbours Catherine ! The Gallachers it was a great wee street ,our Jean still stays in no 60 ! Great memories xxxx

Catherine Robertson Hi Anne. Such good memories of growing up in that street .. I remember your Bobby had all those guinea pigs in the wee hut out the back !!

Anne Mosley Catherine Robertson So he did Catherine ! I remember the old coal Bunker out the Back , you and Lillyann and the Hilstons who had big dogs ! Our Dad’s veggies planted out the back and his old hut ! I feel sorry for young ones now Catherine they have So much materialistic things that don’t matter , we were really lucky ! Great times .xxx

Catherine Robertson I know Anne. I remember me and my friend Annette Whyte had black mice as pets and your Bobby let us put them in beside his Guineas pigs.. But the guinea pigs ate\ killed the mice and we were broken hearted… We had one black mouse left and we called hSee more

Catherine Robertson Didn’t matter if there was anyone in when you got home from school cos there was always a neighbour who would take you in and feed and water you, no questions asked.. Even during the school holidays you were sent out with strict instinct to come back till dinner time. No mobile phones or tablets, but we were safe as houses…

Catherine Robertson Anne Mosley, we should have a reunion xx

Morag Sarah Ravenscroft I lived in 19 poplar place.

Paul O’neill Born and bred on that street ,great times.

Estelle Mcgowan Paul is your mum Jean and brother Charles x

Paul O’neill Yes it is Estelle .x

Anne Mosley What a great street Fernslea Avenue was , The Gallachers , The Mc Brides , The Smiths, The Wylies, The Dunsmores, The Cooks , The McSorleys , The Hilstons , so many great families and great times . Hughes Hendrys sweetie shop ! Playing down the park on the swings singing songs , ropes, hide and seek , chases ! Great childhood times will never forget it . XX
Helen Williams You missed the Williams family, between the McBrides and the Wilkes, number 66.

Wilma Hayburn McNulty Helen Williams did you used to stay in Caithness street in high Blantyre .?

Anne Mosley Loved Hughie Hendrys ! Great wee shop xxx
Catherine Robertson And Halloween was great.. Never a close door or “ naebody in “ . Had to do your “turn” or you didn’t get your treat …

Catherine Whitefield Loving reading all the comments . Some from ppl who were at st blanes with me

Ian Paterson My grandparents the hunters stayed in 53 fernslea and my brother was born in the same house

Wilma Hayburn McNulty Ian Paterson I got Andrews christening piece remember it well Alisa Tonner My dad’s gran n grandad stayed in 31 Fernslea Ave Maggie and John Sloan x

Jim McSorley Born in number two in 1958

Rita Calder My Aunt Lizzie and Mick Sanaghan lived at 37 Fernslea Ave, they had 6 kids, they moved in when it was brand new,
Always remember Cuppy Douglas annual bus run, and Aunty Lizzie’ yearly Christmas party for the kids in the Street and my Dad was always Santa.

Kenny Cropp We lived at number 3 I was born in that house

Kenny Cropp The angle this photo is taken at it could be from the magonigle or Tate garden

Heather Young Best street ever

Kim Tait Maclean I lived in number 10 oaklea crescent fae I was born 1961 until I was 17 me & my big sister karen didn’t want 2 leave.there because we loved the house and the neighbours great memories .

Teresa Logie The old chip shop was my mums cathy mcskimming nee mcinally.
Teresa Logie Morag Sarah Ravenscroft wee wer in 27 poplar cathy and bide mcskimming think u went to school with our mag or irene x

Teresa Logie I was at st. Blanes just turne the big 50. X

Kim Tait Maclean Hughie Hendry they had a daughter called Sylvia aswell .

Teresa Logie Loved that wee shop remember mrs beebee that lived in hazelwood drive that used to work in it shug shop was you went in 1 door for sweets then out again then in another door for bread etc x

Sybil Pirie Gale Stuart my god feels like a lifetime ago x x
Morag Sarah Ravenscroft Did mrs mcskimmings live next to the OBrian’s

Margaret Paterson Morag Sarah Ravenscroft yes

James Connolly Lot of names popping up here from fernslea. People I grew up with. Jim mcsorley,Eddie campaign,Catherine Robertson. Happy days and they were just that,especially in the summer when a whole street of weans and there were a lot entertained themselves In a basic swing park with not a mobile phone in sight.
Elizabeth Mulvanny My in laws moved into number 25 in 1952 and were there until they passed away.

Eddie Campaigne we lived at 24!

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  1. My late grandparents lived at no 52 Fernslea Av, Allan and Isa Pollock, they moved there from High Blantyre Police Station where my Papa was a sergeant. My dad, Allan, his brother John and sister Isa all lived there too. My Papa died in the mid eighties and my gran eventually moved in with her daughter Isa in Wishaw.

    Used to play in the park which backed onto their house. I’m sure The Chalmers lived next door no 50, they moved out and then a foreign family moved in and I recall my grandparents loving having children next door.

    My Papa loved his garden and greenhouse, we were allowed to play bowls in the back garden and he allowed us to play on the piano but dear lord you wouldn’t have touched it if gran was in. LOL.

    Loved the chippy but loved a single nougat more from the tallyman.

    In 1980 I met a young woman who used to live at no 14 Fernslea Av, in Queens Park Hospital Blackburn Lancashire where i was waiting to have our daughter. Small world.

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