Frank G Campbell Motor Hirer


Frank G Campbell Motor Hirer

Frank G Campbell was the owner of a former motor hire business in Blantyre. Based at 87 Main Street, High Blantyre at Mossvale Cottage. The business had early phone number  Blantyre 78.

The Campbell family started renting the cottage between 1906 and 1910 and stayed there until the 1930’s. In 1911, Jessie Campbell (nee Gibson) was the head of the house, at 46 years old, already a widow. It was her son, Frank Gibson Campbell then aged 19, who would have an interest in the emerging technology of motorised vehicles. Born in 1892 the son of Matthew Campbell a colliery contractor, Frank was a coal miner in 1911, like his 15 year old brother Matthew. The brothers lived at 87 Main Street with their mother and 13 year old sister.

Following WW1, Frank’s motor hire business was conducted from those premises in the 1920’s. The Campbells still lived at the cottage in 1925. The house still exists today, although renumbered and is located within the terraced cottages directly across from Family Shopper.

Frank married during his life to Margaret Love, outliving her. He worked for a long time as a Chauffeur and lived at 36 Farm Road, Blantyre. He died relatively young and suddenly aged 52 on 29th December 1943, at Hamilton. His daughter Isa Lees of Farm Road signing his death certificate. A register of corrected entries regarding his death concluded he died from natural causes.

The cottage name “Mossvale” appears to have been forgotten now, like many of the cottages in that particular row that once had individual names.

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Heather Campbell Hello from Australia!! This is our family! Thrilled to see this

Blantyre Project Can you tell me anything else Heather? I’d love to see any photos of this family.

Heather CampbellBlantyre Project my father Frank Campbell migrated with 3 children and my mum in 1952. My cousins Andrea Olsen and Elizabeth Weaver are still there and we linked up recently through Facebook of course!

Elizabeth WeaverBlantyre Project We have a photo of Gt Granny Jessie Campbell (nee Gibson) which one of us will put up tomorrow. She was one of the first registered midwives in Scotland and had a brass plate on the wall of Mossvale cottage. Her own mother Jessie (Janet) Gibson had been born a Campbell herself, weirdly – that line of Campbells came from Islay (Gaelic speakers). The Matthew Campbell side was Irish.

Heather CampbellElizabeth Weaver Ye Gods ….Irish 😆

Heather CampbellPolly Winterton
Tamara Maddrell
Morag Campbell
Fiona Campbell
Anita P Galli

Tamara Maddrell Great to have this link 👌

Morag Campbell Thanks Heather Campbell ! Fame 

Heather CampbellMorag Campbell at laaaaast

Elizabeth Weaver Hi to all the Aussie cousins! (Campbells and Scotts) x

Morag CampbellElizabeth Weaver are you still up!! Morning tea time here 😎

Elizabeth WeaverMorag Campbell Should be asleep but saw this post! Blame Blantyre Project for my insomnia 😃

Elizabeth WeaverAndrea Olsen – you awake? Have you got Great Granny’s pic handy?

Morag CampbellElizabeth Weaver 

Heather CampbellChris Crowle this is my mob 😁

Moyra Lindsay I think Isa lees was my mother in laws friend

Morag Campbell Ha ha!! Wouldn’t dad love to have seen this! Isa was our Aunt. Frank junior, our father. Story was that Frank ( our grandfather) died of a heart attack running for a bus!! But we know nothing about our grandmother Margaret Love. I’ll post a photo of him. It was great to read all this!

Morag CampbellOctavia Rae your great grandfather

Octavia Rae Wow really?! Wait til I show Matti!!!!! 

Morag Campbell I know: cars!!!

Morag Campbell This is Frank junior

IrenePaul ScottSmith My Great Uncle. What a fabulous source of information on Blantyre Project, many thanks.

Brian WeaverElizabeth Weaver… is this the Jessie Campbell who was our great-granny? The one who was the midwife? The one whose wall had Uncle John’s initials written in tar?!

Elizabeth Weaver Yes, that’s our Great Granny :-

Andrea Olsen Great Granny 

Elizabeth Weaver She was apparently a bossy wumman (unlike her female descendants? Andrea OlsenMorag CampbellHeather CampbellFiona CampbellIrenePaul ScottSmithMary Sitters 😅 )5

Andrea OlsenElizabeth, Aye right 😀2

Morag CampbellElizabeth Weaver bossy? Us?  

Heather CampbellElizabeth Weaver yes totally not like us😏

Mary SittersElizabeth Weaver who me? Ah’m no bossy!

Carmel Funston Nothing the matter with the Irish!!!!

Elizabeth Weaver We’re actually more Irish than Scottish (Irish on our Grandfather’s side too), most of us cousins – and delighted to be so!

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