Former Calderside Cottage


1969 Former Calderside CottageNorma Marr in Calgary has shared this charming photo of a former house in High Blantyre. Pictured in 1969 is the previous Calderside Cottage, part of the Calderside Rows. Norma told me, “Our uncle, James Downie, was born there.”

Despite the well kept look of the terraced row, these homes were demolished not long after this photo. Built in 1851, they had lasted nearly 120 years. A modern house owned by the MacFarlane family, now also called “Calderside Cottage” is now situated on the site, directly across from MacFarlane’s scrapyard at Calderside.

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Christine Forrest i had a great uncle robert heaburn who died in 16 sep 1916 think in passendale? i wonder if his name in on the memorial? he was in the cameronians his name is in the cameronian book at hamilton library his family was recorded as from calderside wonder if its hereas. my great aunt Mary lived to late seventies she was in her late 90s and i rememered her really well as a child visiting her in herbertson street near the co op
Marian Maguire This is so sad, demolishing these lovely cottages, there is hardly any character left in Blantyre.

Eleanor Nailon My dad William Duncan came from Calderside.


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