1967 Mechanised Account passbooks



On 19th April 1967, the very first ever mechanised booking machinery in Blantyre became active at the National Commercial Bank of Scotland (a predecessor of the Royal Bank of Scotland).

The machinery printed entries into current account books and removed the need for cashiers to hand write entries. The machinery was implemented to speed up transactions and was necessary due to the amount of new accounts in recent years.

The mechanised system also had the advantage of displaying an automatic current balance, immediately after each transaction. Who remembers their current account passbooks being processed automatically? This is a memory I personally have of Abbey National many years later.

The National Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd. was a Scottish commercial bank. It was established in 1959 through a merger of the National Bank of Scotland (est. 1825) with the Commercial Bank of Scotland (est. 1810). Ten years later it merged with the Royal Bank of Scotland, to become the largest clearing bank in Scotland.

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James Sime I remember my Abbey National bank book being printed like that in the 80’s
Kaye Cunningham James Sime my first thoughts when i saw this!!!
James Sime Kaye Cunningham remember we got it in Primary one. Im sure someone came to school and we all had an account opened.

Thomas Barrett Remember it well.

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