Week of Vandalism, 1967

The first week in April 1967 was particularly notable for vandalism in Blantyre. An empty prefab in Lochlie Street, High Blantyre which was due to be demolished was set on fire on the evening of Monday 3rd April 1967. Although firemen were quickly on the scene, only the frame was left standing.

The next evening on Tuesday 4th April,  the unoccupied tenements in Cemetery Road were deliberately set ablaze. Much of the property was ablaze and beyond recovery.

On the Wednesday night, the vandalism spree continued, this time at Low Blantyre when the large plate glass windows of the Castle Vaults pub at the corner of John Street were smashed. Smashing of windows had been a real problem on Glasgow Road in 1967.

Finally on the Thursday evening that week, the telephone kiosk at Farm Road, near the junction of Station Road was smashed up. This popular kiosk was always busy at the time being the only kiosk in the whole area of Low Blantyre’s north of Glasgow Road. Threats by Telecom Engineers to remove the kiosk fell flat, when it was discussed how vital a service that particular kiosk provided.

Pictured, is the empty, unused kiosk today.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 23.16.36

From the book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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Blantyre Project Reading news from each decade, i feel vandalism got worse in the 1970s in Blantyre before improving again towards this decade. Maybe thats just an opinion ive formed having read so many reports. Hopefully we’re living now in a time when youth have more respect and regard for others property, although i appreciate vandalism will still always likely happen.


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