1920’s Co-Op workers?


1920s Co-op workers

This Blantyre photo from the 1920’s shows what appears to be Co-op workers at the back of a building. Judging by the lack of stripes on their aprons, I don’t believe they were fleshers, but may have been working in the dairy or bakery department. I’m inclined to think these are the bakers for it looks like they have flour on their boots! I may be entirely wrong of course. It could easily be paint!

With other photos in this album of the Stonefield Independent Co-op on Glasgow Road , this may give a clue as to where it was taken.

With thanks to Margaret Stewart for sharing this photo.

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Elizabeth Weaver Does look like flour. Also they have their sleeves rolled up really far, as you would if you were baking – and their arms look clean. Maybe not as super-hygienic as today’s commercial bakers, but most of us survived!

Kate Mcinulty Brilliant photo x

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