Stonefield Rooms

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When it comes to accommodation to let on a nightly basis, Blantyre has relatively few places available. Hotels & B&Bs strangely in this modern era are all but absent (with of course a couple of notable good exceptions).

However, choice and availability for short term stays is about to improve in this town, with several rooms now renovated and about to be let out above Glasgow Road’s Stonefield Tavern.

‘Stonefield Rooms’ are located on the upper floor and look out towards the junction of Station Road. As these pictures show, they’ve been renovated to a high standard and will shortly be available for rent by the end of this week.

Renovation nears completion

Owner, Stan Gordon told us today, “The rooms up above the famous Stonefield Tavern were once 3 single ends and consisted of just a room and kitchen. I think the last people to stay there were in the early 1960’s. We even found news papers from the murderer Peter Manuel trial when we were renovating! These rooms soon to be available will be primarily for short stays for workers and those up for the weekend for football or concerts.”

Rooms will be available on a nightly basis from just £49 per room. Enquiries should be made directly with Stonefield Tavern.

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