Kirsty Highland Dancing, 1979


1979 Kirsty McIntosh

It takes quite a bit of physical effort to swing around a Highland Dancing routine, so it helps to have youth on your side and Kirsty McIntosh certainly had that in this picture!

Kirsty was only 4 years old in 1979 but the High Blantyre lass was already a winner. Dancing since the age of 3, she had by age 4 won 17 medals, 6 of them gold! Her proud mum, Jean told reporters, “Kirsty is just one of many little girls who have won medals, but if she has 17 at the age of 4, how many will she have by the time she’s 14!?”

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Anne Mosley Brilliant ,lovely photo so well done . X

Alison McAlpine I remember her competing and being very successful.

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