Film Society Take Two…1979


1979 Film Society Blantyre High wmBlantyre High Film Society was formed in 1975 to maintain pupil’s interest in the cinema in a community where the nearest cinema was in a different town.

In May 1979, the young members of the film society, already International Winners went on to further success. They had won the Best School Society award in 1978 and this latest award was not for making a film, but was for showing them.

The award was due to a high standard of programming and scheduling. Audiences that year enjoyed “The Godfather part 2”, “Dirty Harry” and Mel Brooks films.

Maths teacher, Brian Mathieson pictured on the left who helped run the society also received an award and was presented with a cheque for £50. Pictured with Brian are film society members, Craig Samson, Tom Brownlie and Cameron Brownlie. Mr Mathieson put the prize money towards the running of the society.

Researched for the book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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Caroline Rundell Susan Clelland your favourite maths teacher xx
Susan Clelland Caroline Rundell was my fav subject even days i dogged it i went in for maths xx
Alison Walker-Hill Remember it well!…..queuing up round the back of the theatre to get in!
Michelle Evans I remember Mr Mathieson, he was a legend.
Elaine Gow Loved the film society. Looked forward to it. First time I seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Also got picked at school (around 3rd year) with Nyree & Pauline to attend The Edinburgh Film Festival along with Tom Brownlee and Brian Mathieson.

Max Sneddon Boogie Mathewson.

Anne Irvine Yes I was member. Had a wee card with the films showing + when. The Taking of Pelham 123 was 1. Crossed off when u saw them. Can’t remember the rest haha

James McMillan Boogie mathieson hated that guy

Liz Boxall Callum Pufc Brownlie!!! There’s your dad and Uncle Tom 😂

Callum Pufc Brownlie dear me look at the state of him
Carol Porter I was a member of this. First time I saw Rocky Horror picture show was here
Moyra Lindsay I worked with Brian’s mum and dad in a hairdressers in Calderwood square around 1962 he was just a wee boy then, but showing promise.
Cameron Brownlie that picture must be about ten years ago🤔date must be wrong
Liz Boxall Cameron !! I will crack the jokes 😂😂😂

Liz Boxall Aunt Marion !! It’s your boys 💙

Thomson Andrew My old maths teacher , always wondered why he got called boogie . Remember he organised local punk bands to play in the school theatre which was good
Stuart James 40 years later and Cameron Brownlie doesn’t even like films!
Marion Brownlie The film society made a few films and receive some rewards Tom was general secretary in the BFI in London. He is still friendly with Brian
June Fox Jennifer Dretzka….. Remember I was drunk & you &. Mr M had to take me home……. Has obviously stood me in good stead over these years ha ha 🤣
Jennifer Dretzka Haha oh I remember it very clearly young lassie 🍾

June Fox Jennifer Dretzka hee hee hee xxx

Stephen Allan Mr Mathieson was there when I started in 1996 and was still there in 2002 when I left.
Moira Beveridge My maths teacher & was a member of the film society back in the day Marilyn Muir A wonderful teacher and great guitar player 👍
Louise Darling Great memories

June Fox We were at your house that night Moira Beveridge 😏😂

Moira Beveridge I remember 🤣🤣🤣

Brian Mathieson Thank you for all the lovely comments (and the couple of deserved brickbats). I loved my time at Blantyre High, working with amazing pupils and fantastic staff. Incidentally, I was at the NFL in Wembley with Tom yesterday.

Grace Nelson Lots of happy memories. You guys did great things back in the day. Xx

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  1. Loved the film club ! Met my first love there in 1975 I think when Rab Straiton walked me home . Start of a 2 year romance … happy memories .

    Diane Brunker … now Waugh not Straiton lol!

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