Livingstone Hotel Setback, 1979


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April 1979 saw a setback in a Blantyre hotelier’s plans to expand his business.

Mr Francis Doonin had asked Hamilton District Council for permission to build a small extension to his Livingstone Hotel in High Blantyre’s Main Street. However the council planning and Development sub committee turned down the application, despite pleas from local Councillors.

Mr Doonin wished to extend the dining area but planners had stated there was already a lack of parking spaces in High Blantyre and they didn’t want to put demand on the spaces already there. Planning also mentioned it may affect the nearby planned houses.

Whats your memories of the Livingstone Hotel?

From the book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Michelle Evans my parents held their wedding reception there in 1985

Linda Smith Think its changed name to the stones hotel,

Liz Boxall Liz Doonin!!! Happy days ❤️

Thomas Barrett Worked there in the 70s 80s.

Margaret Liddle The parked cars outside Mo’s shop on the road etc is worse now some days you can’t get past them
Martin Smith Margaret Liddle Agreed but Mo is a labour councellor!! Makes you wonder!!@
Sadie Dolan Great Memories of the wee shop just down a bit were red siqn is when I stayed in High Blantyre!!

Jim Donnelly Had our wedding reception there in June 1983

Jamie Drumgold Livingstone Hotel! Jamie Ferrie
Eleanor Clark Our Granny’s home in Cemetery Road lived there nearly all her life had to go and stay with her daughter as they were demolishing the building ,but was still standing when she died and was buried in that Cemetery
Marie Sweeney Livvies! Used to go there for dinner with my mum when I was little. Wilson’s shop next to it was where I got my sweets before heading to school x
Stephen Kelly Wilson’s was one of the first shops my mum sent me to. She sent me fer a bag a totties and on the journey home the bag burst…. undeterred by this setback I soldiered on leaving a trail of spuds behind me 😁
Marie Sweeney Hahaaa! Good dinner at your house that day then!😂

Stewart Willis In 1979 they knew it didnt have adequate parking?? It can still be very dangerous driving past it now

Stephen Kelly My mum and dad had their wedding reception there 1978.
David O’neill Hard to get past there with all the vehicles stopping on both sides of the road.

Davy Starrs i played keyboards and sang in there for years ,brilliant place .corrie toner on drums ,dick lyle on trumpet ,fantastic memories..

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