David Ritchie Collection

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 12.59.48Early Blantyre Photographer
I’m pleased to announce, that throughout every day in 2019, as well as the usual history stories, I’ll ALSO be featuring brand new, previously unseen old photos of Blantyre and surrounding areas.
In a collection of 344 fantastic photos taken between 1895 – 1920 by High Blantyre man David Ritchie, I’ll be posting one each day and of course trying to put some history to them! Scheduling these watermarked photos has already commenced for 2019.
For the first time ever, you’ll see things like the opening of the War Memorial, the actual construction work of the Auchentibber Italian Gardens, Blantyre Bowling Club original clubhouse, the grounds of Calderwood Castle, Crossbasket , River Calder and scenes of streets, buildings and Blantyre people from over 100 years ago.
These photos ALL have remarkable, detailed clarity and in a resolution comparable to cameras today! It’s an important collection, one of several which I’ve now been trusted with, and I have a connection to it too, as David was a distant family member of mine.
2019 is going to be SOME year for new “old” Blantyre photos for this page. With this, and the entire Calderglen collection now in my ownership for showing, you’re all in for a visual feast. Guaranteed!
Hope you’re as excited about seeing these, as I was looking through them for the first time!

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