1979 Blantyre Gala Day

A few more photos from the 1979 Blantyre Gala Day. Local Surveyor Ian Bell and Chemist Alistair Mair already had many qualifications to their name as professional men, but one Saturday in June 1979, at the Gala day, they added another accolade by managing the burger stall!

1979 Ian Bell & Alistair Mair

Ian Bell & Alistair Mair in June, 1979

One of the most impressive floats was this entry where children dressed up as David Livingstone attending to sick natives of Africa. Great effort had gone into the entry, deemed to be one of the best displays that day.

1979 Kids as Livingstone Gala day

‘Dr Livingstone’ tends to sick natives

And finally, great interest was directed towards this traction engine. Trundling along at just walking pace, a rare glimpse of 1970’s safety standards was observed. An officer walked behind as a police escort to ensure no stray children got “in the way!”

1979 Traction Engine Gala Day

Traction Engine, a popular feature at the Gala Day, 1979

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