1979 Gala Day Festivities

The Gala day in 1979 took place at Stonefield Public Park, but there was a double celebration in Blantyre that June as they headed down to the David Livingstone Centre celebrating the Jubilee of the opening of the centre, with lots of fun had by all. Children dressed up in all the best costumes of the day (e.g Disney, Star Wars only recently out at the movies).

1979 Gala Kids dress up wm

The Blantyre Gala Queen and YMCA Gala Queen took to a small stage sitting amongst officials from David Livingstone Centre. Pictured is Fred McDermid, Chairman of the David Livingstone Memorial Trust.

1979 Gala 2 wm

1979 Gala wm

and Solicitor Jock Brown was having a real busy week! As well as providing the PA announcements at the Jubilee Celebration, the World Cup was on and he had just provided the BBC Commentary for the Scotland – Argentina Game!

1979 Jock Brown Solicitor

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