1979 Blantyre Gala Day

Blantyre Gala day in June 1979 had great participation from schools and organisations.

1979 Cubs & Guides at DLC wm

The cubs and guides took great delight is posing for this photo and the girls of Blantyre High School put on a display of summer colours. Do you recognise anybody?

1979 Blantyre High School at DLC wm

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Brian Mathieson We made a film (8mm) of the 1978 Gala Day lasting about half an hour, but I loaned it to a youth worker and never got it back. I do still have the other ones we did: Tour of the School, One Coke Too Many and the opening of the Livingstone Centre Africa Pavilion by the Queen Mother. I’ve been planning to get them digitised for ages.
Blantyre Project Brian – i would be interested in helping with the cost of that , if you’re ever getting them put on to a flash drive, in return for being able to post them here on the site. 😉

Brian Mathieson I actually do voluntary work at a film archive and have access to the equipment to digitise 8mm film. Unfortunately, the audio copying doesn’t work at present and all the films have an audio track. Also, the archive is shutting down soon for a year to move to a new museum site. I’ll see what I can do before then.


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