Modern Calderside Aerial


DCIM100MEDIADJI_0001.JPGA modern aerial photo of Calderside Farm, High Blantyre. Also in the photograph is the farm’s converted barn, now a lovely house named , “Calderside House”.

The property owner, Mr James Brown shared this photo recently adding, ” I lived at 27 Ellisland St in the prefabs then moved to a new house at Jedburgh St when I was about 13.  Across the road from us in Ellisland St were families Cleland, Coyle, Frame and Gallagher. Across the road coming back down was Wyper, Cairns, Kelly, us then Borland, J&R Strang tyres.

Fulton fork lifts, was either John or Robert Futon from Burns St there was also the Clarks from Afton St, coal merchants in Blantyre. Jim Tallis (of the taxi company of the same name) also lived at the other end of Ellisland (although he didn’t have taxis then)”

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Janet Cochrane My childhood home all my memories are happy ones
Anna Clark my childhood too ! dad Tommy was CLARK the coalman and was to the fore in getting prefabs demolished and burnbrae road area built and us rehoused from damp and dangerous prefabs and he still lives here at 90 !
Janet Cochrane Calderside was a working farm then great way to spend your childhood
John Dunsmore Hi. Dougie , what a transformation you’ve made too. Calderwood. House .well done. Pal.👌

Shona Glaister Vicki Gibson is this your old house?

Vicki Gibson Yes, my Mum and Dad bought Calderside Farm in 1992 and then converted the barns to make Calderside House in about 1996 I think 😊
Vicki Gibson Mum and Dad’s leaving party after selling Calderside House


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Lynne Craighead Happy memories. We bought the farm with about 8 acres of land in 1992. We did the barn conversion 95/96 and sold the old house. We had ponies, goats and small animals but also had some ewes in our shelter/paddock whilst they were lambing.
When the girls were at uni I ran a holistic therapy business there and hosted courses. We left on September 13th 2011 to retire in the Borders 😎
Lynne Craighead Alexandra Roxburgh – do you know this site?. Intersting for you perhaps.

Joan McLaughlin Calderside Farm was my Mums childhood home and then was home to my cousins before my aunt and uncle sold the farm in 1988 and emigrated to Canada. It’s home to many happy memories from my childhood, helping my uncle bring in cows for milking, helping my cousin feed the calves, lifting potatoes and my particular favourite helping out during hay season.

Lynne Craighead Joan McLaughlin we know Jim and Netta well and they were delighted to visit us in the barn conversion 😁

Joan McLaughlin Uncle Jim is my mums brother. If I recall you possibly went to the WRI with my aunt Nettie (when she was over visiting )and my mum and granny?? I recall my mum mentioning you and holistic therapy.

Jim Brown Walked past this morning. Shared a few hunner blackberries with the ponies, which they enjoyed I notice a new development has begun to the right of the farm.
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Joan McLaughlin That’s where the midden was 💩💩😂😂 we used to all walk around the wall hoping that we didn’t fall in. Thankfully I never did 😂
Ian Stewart And the outside toilet 😁
Joan McLaughlin Ian Stewart I’m too young to know that 😊

Jim Cochrane i can remember it.

Jim Cochrane storage area for the yearly deposit of 3 or 400 tons of FYM from the dairy cattle.
Lynne Craighead That is where we had Glen’s ewes!!! The girls and I had a quick education in lambing and they named the lambs alphabetically 🐑🐏
We are not farmers but the girls had a great childhood and we were made so welcome by Jan and Glen and his brother Billy at Lodgehill. Happy, happy days.
Frances Reid my mum and dad worked on the farm late 40s went to auchintibber school with Janet marshal xx
Joan McLaughlin Janet Marshall (Cochrane now) is my mum

Frances Reid how is she my maiden name was Bell my dad was David Bell hope she is well xx

Frances Reid hi tell your mum i have a small black and white photo of her and ibefore we started school i could get you a copy if she wanted xx

Joan McLaughlin Frances Reid she is well thank you. I’m sure she’d love to see the photo.

Frances Reid if you let me know her address i would love to see her again or if that is not possible i could send it to her xx

Joan McLaughlin Frances Reid sent you a message

Janet Stoddart Calderside Farm I went to visit my auntie &uncle and cousins with my mum and dad many happy memories.
Ian Stewart Spent my school holidays here in the 60s with my Uncle&auntie and cousins Jim And Janet .
Jim Cochrane it was probably the biggest original farm steading in Blantyre. Most of the stone Buildings in the aerial photograph date from the 1600s to 1825.
Jim Cochrane The oldest building is actually the one in the photo minus its roof.
Jim Cochrane The semi circular wall shown just to the front of Calderside house is the remains of a circular building that housed a horse gin that powered the barn mill . It was in place in what was the original barn now made into the biggest part of the house.

Jim Cochrane

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Alan Baird many a great barn dance was held there eh jim ?

Jim Frame Great memories of the prefabs when we were all young changed days now lol


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  1. Ful-Ton Forklifts were established August 1978 by George Fulston not the Fulton’s mentioned

    1. Thanks George – I’ll update that today.

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