Sydes Brae Early 1960’s


sides braeJames Brown, who lives at Calderside House, High Blantyre shared this great photo.

Pictured likely in the early 1960’s is Sydes Brae, looking down the hill towards Blantyre. On the left is the entrance to Newhouse, to the right would now be the field below the Crematorium.

In the photo, you’ll see former Dixon’s Bing still intact, with its steep sides. Beyond that you’ll see the Kirkton Housing Estate, which would have been still relatively new then.

Do you have memories of this area?

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Anthony Smith In the early 60,s , I clocked myself doing 45 M.P.H.on a pushbike going down this hill.My bike had a speedometer fitted to it.
Blantyre Project Anthony – did you ever jump off any of the bings with that chute?

Anthony Smith Blantyre Project Tried to.This was the small bing,we called it the gummey,which faced the Priory Pit.

Anthony Smith The gummey is this slope to the left.


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Maggie Anderson Anthony Smith I lived in Devondale ave for a short time with my two Aunts
Janet Cochrane Walking home to Calderside from school
Elizabeth Weaver We used to walk up this road a lot, both with our parents – and our dog – and with our Uncle John Scott, who walked it most days. We’d go up Sydes Brae, along through Auchentibber down to General’s Brig, and then home by the old EK road, or vice versa. Often stopped at the Calder under General’s Brig to fish for baggie minnows. Later, I used to walk my younger brother and sister in their prams up that road – can’t imagine pushing a big Silver Cross pram up the brae now!
Maggie Anderson Walked up this road many times going to Park Farm which would be along the road to the right in this pic…..spent the first few months of married life living with my inlaws……I intend to go out via the Crem nearby making a full circle of life !!
Bill Graham My friend Dan Allan who stayed in the cottages at the cross and I had a gocart and we used ride down the brae round the corner at McDonald’s scrap metal yard and back up the hill to his house, all with out having to push.
Blantyre Project was that at Loanfoot, Bill?


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Chris Ladds Does anyone have any anecdotes about an ancient battle taking place in that area of Calderside/Auchentibber? Anything passed down?
Blantyre Project nope, but i have a good story of somebody being gored by a bull there!
Chris Ladds That sounds like an anecdote and a half. Elderly people in some of the remote farms to the East of Sydes Brae were handed down tales of an ancient battle towards Calderglen – and it tallies with annal entries. So trying to recover what may be left orally before it dies with folk.

Blantyre Project Aw, it was actually at Park and nearly 200 years ago! On Wednesday 26th July 1820 a fearsome accident took place in a field at Blantyre Park, Sydes Brae. Mr Robert Millar, the farmer, entered the field where his cattle were grazing and was suddenly charged at by his own bull. After tossing him some considerable height, the bull pointed its horns downwards and gored Mr Millar through the stomach.

The bull continued to gore him for some time. Mr Millar called continually for help. The bull continued its sustained attack with ferocity until some haymakers in an adjacent field came with help. Mr Millar had his shoulder dislocated and various major injuries to his abdomen. The report mentioned Mr Millar was laying gravely ill but does not go on to say if he recovered.

This is a timeless accident, i.e. it could happen to anybody at anytime, even today. Of course, perhaps a reminder that we should continue to be very respectful of animals in their habitat when out walking for recreation or research!

Jane Scobbie Brings back so many memories 💞💞
Frances Reid i remember my dad having me on his shoulder walking down from the farm in Calderside in Auchentibber 1948 x
Brian Weaver I used to ride my bike up to work at Stewartfield Farm … 25 minutes to go to work, 5 minutes to get home!
Betty McLean Favourite place to walk on Sunday afternoon.
Thomas Barrett My granda’s walk every morning he must’ve been longing for old times as he came from Auchintibber.

Dennis Kane Fishing up the reservoir.

Thomas Barrett No made him thirsty for opening time Matt Boyles 😅

Helen Henderson Mclaughlin My mum grew up in auchentibber n they used to slide down hill when it was snowing to get to school at high blantyre then when my brothers were school age they used to do it too

Andy Callaghan I remember going down the brae, three of us (Eddie Duddy, Pete O’Brien n me) on one bike with no brakes. Ended up in a hedge. Round about 1959.
Ann Kerr Kennedy my mum was born there xx

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