1962 Cine at Station Road


Marion Robertson kindly shared this lovely little cine clip of her family in 1962. You may recognise the top of Station Road and the Broadway Cinema.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Elizabeth Weaver Aww, what great footage! I remember the fashion for those hats – up until then, it was all bonnet-style hats for wee girls. Girls usually had a new hat and new dress for Easter church-going.
Marion Jones Aww remember those wee coats think everybody had one for Easter Sunday ,looked forward to getting mine good memories lovely film x
Catherine Hailes Young Aww how cute is this lovely wee film 🎥 xx
Cullen Shaw My Aunt & Uncle lived at No 5 Station Road – the house with the wooden gates in this film. I lived in the next door house -No 7 – from 1964/76 and my parents lived there until the died in 2011. Great memories from this post.
Blantyre Project was that in the famous Mr Rae’s house? or was that another one up?

Cullen Shaw Blantyre Project – yes, I believe it was owned by Rae earlier but don’t know the background. No. 7 has a stable block as it was the local milkman’s earlier

Blantyre Project Cullen I’ve been in contact with William Rae’s family and will be writing about him in unprecedented detail along with loads of great photos in early 2019. His house will undoubtably feature.

Cullen Shaw Blantyre Project – I’ll wait with interest. When my parents died, I sold both No. 5 & 7 as part of their estate. Both houses have been totally transformed – some would say overdeveloped!

Andy Callaghan Great wee film. And a priceless thing to have. Thanks.
Ann Daley Awe Marion Robertson so good to see this again ❤️
Marion Robertson Thanks Ann Daley your so cute with your lovely blonde curls, waving me, Fiona Glen, Tom Ashbridge, Linda Ashbridge off to David Livingstone Sunday School xx

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