1979 Auchinraith Primary Netball Team

1979 Auchinraith Primary wmIn February 1979, the youngsters of Auchinraith Primary School won an Inter School Netball competition held in Blantyre High School.

The final was between Auchinraith Primary and St Blanes, with the champs at Auchinraith pictured. I see some familiar faces here and guessing the girls are around 9  or 10 years old.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Arlene Campbell Brenda Cropp Jeffrey 👀 this got to be you
? Bridie Cropp
Bridie Cropp No, Arlene.I was lucky to have a skirt at 12 let alone a gym kit. Definitely Brenda How the Cropps have prospered!!!!!.
Arlene Campbell Bridie Cropp lol …. blessed are those who had a gym kit 🤣 hope your keeping well lovely lady x

Bridie Cropp Arlene IMisunderstood.I thought the ? was suggesting that the photo was me
Did not see the title at the top.SIlly me. X

Arlene Campbell Bridie Cropp .. could have been you .. #goodlooks

Brenda Cropp Jeffrey Yup along with Sandra Georgeson Angela DM Jem Dick Gail Larkin and Pauline Gill Elaine Dowds x

Angela DM Brenda Cropp Jeffrey what was Elaine’s surname, the GS?
Wendy Garvie Angela DM Goal shooter was Elaine Dowds 😊

Brenda Cropp Jeffrey Elaine Dowds x

Angela DM Brenda Cropp Jeffrey yeah that was it. Thanks x

Sandra Georgeson I remember that so well. We had a great year that year in netball. I remember beating another school 32-3! I also didn’t realise how small I was 😂

Brenda Cropp Jeffrey I never grew an inch after p7x

Samantha Pemberton Sandra Georgeson how can you be Goal Attack, you’re a midget!! 😂😂😂😜😜

Brenda Cropp Jeffrey And a fabulous goal attack she was😁x

Sandra Georgeson Samantha Pemberton I know but I grew a bit since then ( although not that much 😂😂)

Angela DM The Auchinraith girls were in P7, so most of us were 11😁
Gail Larkin Elaine dowds 😀
Wendy Garvie Brilliant 😍 I remember that it was just before I moved down south 😍
Wendy Garvie Aw Jem Dick 💜
Julie R. Covet Dorran I was in 1st year with Jemima Dick and Christine Croft.

Andrena Black Angela Stewart bottom left

Anne Bain My wee sister Jem.😍
Brenda Cropp Jeffrey My auld pal. RIP Jem🙄
Elaine Irwin Anne Bain WA is aunty Jem x
Brenda Cropp Jeffrey Elaine Irwin front row 4th from the left. Wing attackx

Anne Bain Elaine Irwin yes

Elaine Irwin Anne Bain knew that. that smile 😍x

Lyne Carroll Rae brenda which one are you? X

Brenda Cropp Jeffrey Front row holding the trophy x
Lyne Carroll Rae I thought that, I see Lauren very like you in this picture! Great photo x
Gail Larkin RIP Jem 💕
Linzi Muirhead Courtney Muirhead, show this to your Dad !! X
Sandra Starr Bee nda Cropp Jeffre y ..u haven’t changed at all ! Wee bit auldier mibbee 😂

Gillian Dunn My big cuz Jem Dick

Elizabeth Grieve Angela DM are you in this

Brenda Cropp Jeffrey WA for Auchinraith is Jem Dick Wright and Maureen Kelly Elliot for St Blames x

Cheryl Cropp Great picture xxx

Margo Haughen Wow, Gail Larkin, look at you !!

Julie R. Covet Dorran Pauline Gill you just look the same, never ever changed lol

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