1967 Wedding McLean – McClean


1967 Jean McLean & Alex McClean wm

Miss Jean S McLean of LochRyan Cottage, 276 Main Street, High Blantyre signs the register after her wedding at Blantyre Old Parish Church to Mr. Alexander McClean, who lived nearby at 13 Park Crescent.

Jean was a teacher at West Coats School in Cambuslang and her family owned the newsagents at High Blantyre. Whats your memories of this well known couple?

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Jiae Jiae Worked for her when she was HT at Keir Hardie School in 1989..
William Dickson stayed next door to alex at 9 park crescent for many years was also paper boy for jeans fathef at wullie m cleans paper shop on the main sreet still there today sadly alex passed on many years ago
Moyra Lindsay We were married just months apart. I had a preview of Jeans dress and veil the morning of her wedding as I was doing her hair. We lived yards apart when first married and I also remember them from school, they were going out with each other then. I remember her running up Craig St. just as our car left the church after our service, she had rushed from a school in Cambuslang to see us!
Moyra Lindsay Also I always stop at the cemetery at the McLean/ McClean grave!
Margaret Elma Griffin Remember Wullie Jean and her brother Alister

Maggie Anderson Ditto

Gary Morrison our neighbours for years in Priory Bridge. Lovely family -very sad when Alex passed so young.
Jean Gibson Jean was a Head Teacher colleague of mine. Only met Alex once at a party of my cousin, Alex Purse, in Victoria Street. They were in the Scouts together. Remember the shop and Alistair.

Sharon Morrison Doonin Our neighbour in Dechmont Gardens for many years before they moved to High Blantyre. Lovely memories of them especially sledging down Pech Brae.

Maz Anne Did we not buy there house in dechmont xx
Sharon Morrison Doonin Maz Anne absolutely! We had great neighbours both times there x
Maz Anne Sharon Morrison Doonin good times and memories xx
Anne Ellis I was a bridesmaid x
Carol Holmes Wow stunning mr & mrs McLean 😘xxx
Isobel Hollis Is Jean McClean still alive? Her brother was in my class at High Blantyre Primary school; she was a few years ahead of me at Hamilton Academy.

Jean Mcclean Isobel Hollis yes

Isobel Hollis Jean Mcclean .. I am so glad to hear that news!
I was Isobel Adair way back then; my late twin was Margaret. It seems like a lifetime ago though! 😉

Jean Mcclean Isobel Hollis Sorry to hear that. I remember the Adair twins and the Tall is twins were in Alistairs class. He died just over two years ago.

Isobel Hollis I was so sorry to hear that news about Alistair, Jean.
My twin died 27 years ago near Christmastime; it seems incredible when I see that in print!
I’ve no contact now with the Tallis twins but I believe Ann is local and Jean is in England.
This site gives me lots of ‘blasts from the past’!😀

Jean Mcclean Isobel Hollis yes that’s where they are.

Jim Robinson Lovely picture Jean Mcclean! Time does pass bye, but some things we never forget! Hope all is well with you and yours and you’ve been able to enjoy the wonderful summer.

Marion Smith Mrs McLean was one of my primary school teachers at David Livingstone primary

Helen Clark Great teacher x
Irene McNeil Lovely! Great to be in touch with Jean again. Same year as we were married.
Jim Robinson Yeah, me too!

Jean Mcclean I got quite a shock when it appeared.
Just had irene Mcneil on to arrange a meet up with her and Irene Hinksman who is here from Australia.
Wendy Morrice Lovely photo Jean xx

Sheena Lang Small world – Alistair was one of David’s good friends- many a god party together with him and John and Jean Dell from Hamilton 😄

Helen Mason Lovely photo . Jean was my boss for twenty years and I have many happy memories . Now we are retirees and good friends.

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