1967 Wedding Lees – Black


1967 Sandra Lees & Robert BlackIn early 1967, Miss Sandra Lees of 36 Farm Road married Mr Robert Black of Pollock. They were married in Livingstone Memorial Church.

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Andrea Olsen That’s Sandra!!
Elizabeth Weaver So this is the cousin you’ve mentioned? Andrea OlsenHeather CampbellMorag CampbellFiona Campbell Hope she sees this!
Morag Campbell Yes!That’s Sandra. She unfortunately died (when she was in her early forties I think. )
Elizabeth Weaver Morag Campbell I’d forgotten that – poor woman. Maybe someone else will recognise her.

Blantyre Project Im sorry to read that.

IrenePaul ScottSmith Elizabeth Weaver, can you enlighten me? Is Sandra a relative of ours?
Andrea Olsen Sandra was the daughter of a cousin of our parents. Our Mums and your Dad. x
IrenePaul ScottSmith Andrea Olsen do you know which cousin, or which side of the family? I presume Campbell.

Andrea Olsen IrenePaul ScottSmith , our Granny’s brother’s family. Frank Campbell.

Andrea Olsen Our Granny’s brother’s business 🙂


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Morag Campbell Andrea Olsen the grandfather I never knew !
IrenePaul ScottSmith Andrea Olsen thanks. Puts it in place now.
Elizabeth Weaver And Sandra’s mother was Isa Campbell, IrenePaul ScottSmith – maybe your dad mentioned that name?
IrenePaul ScottSmith Elizabeth Weaver Don’t member the name.

Brian Weaver My god, how many more relatives have we got?

Mary Sitters You have lots here in Australia!
Fiona Campbell I remember that photo. I guess Auntie Isa sent Mum a copy. Poor Sandra died of breast cancer leaving 3 children.
Elizabeth Weaver Fiona Campbell I’m right in saying Sandra had a sister? Maybe she’ll hear about this photo.

Carol Crombie was her sister named Linda? As a child we lived at 33 Farm Road, and there was a Linda Lees who I believe lived with her mother across the road.

Andrea Olsen Yes that’s right Carol.

Fiona Brunetti Yes Sandra had a twin sister, Linda ,an older sister, Rita and a brother Billie..

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