Mid 1960’s High Blantyre Prefabs

This next cine film should be of special interest to anybody who once stayed in the High Blantyre Prefabs. Filmed in the mid 1960’s it features locations along High Blantyre Road and the prefabs, looking over to Springwells and Burnbank.

Some of the prefabs feature, as does the little shop within the Prefabs. When I transferred this cine, i thought this hut was Hannah’s little shop at the corner of Russell Street, but have since found it definitely is the former shop that was across from 17 Burns Street, within the prefabs themselves. The Youtube video needs updated as its still showing incorrectly as Hannah’s.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Hugh Hainey The wee shop was bought by my schoolmates dad in around 63, Leonard Bartwicky, and my aunty Agnes McVey lived across the street…

Linda Taylor Did Leonard Bartwicky live in Denholm Terrace

Hugh Hainey Linda Taylor on the corner of Clarkewell Rd, Linda,

Marlene Scott Linda he was pals with Ian and Jim Scott. His brother was Edmund who unfortunately died young result of a car accident

Linda Taylor Marlene Scott yes thought I recognised the name thought Jim knew him

Eleanor Clark We stayed in pre fabs in Auchenraith Terrace
Drew Fisher I remember spending my pocket money in the wee shop when I lived in Afton St in the 1950s. If I saved up more than one week’s money I could buy a Mars Bar at 4d. (1.5p now)!

Linda Taylor Did Leanard Bartwicky live in Denholm Terrace

Hugh Hainey On the corner, house in Clarkewell Rd, Linda, just up from Flint Mc Culloch,,,

Linda Taylor Yes I remember him did he marry a girl from Bellshill

Linda Taylor Flint McCulloch always wondered was that a knickname or his real name
Hugh Hainey Linda Taylor it was the family name everybody called him Flint, cause he used to wander all over, and after Flint Mc Culloch off wagon train!
Linda Taylor Hugh Hainey yes I thought that thought it was a cowboy name
Isabell Kinsella Linda Taylor it was a nick name Linda. Flint Mc culloch was an actor in one of the cowboy series but can’t mind the name of it xx

Hugh Hainey Isabell Kinsella wagon train,, with Ward Bond,

Isabell Kinsella Hugh Hainey couldn’t mind. I should have I loved wagon train lol xx

Nan Burrows Very interesting history of Blantyre.Thank you

Kenneth Downie My old scheme 😁

Kenneth Downie Hannahs shop was on high Blantyre road and the one in the film is the wee green hut 😁

John Dunsmore I noticed one of my old neighbours. Big. Geordie. Hanchard in the film. R. I. P. Geordie.💗

Rab Dick A stayed in mossgail st brings back memories

Gord Fotheringham Utterly funtastic

Linda Halpin Mum and dad lived in prefabs, Springwell crescent before I was born x

Elizabeth Allen Ne Croft I lived
at 15 Burns street straight across from the little green shop we moved to Yorkshire in the summer of 1964 i. Went to glenlea school

Jean Miller Elizabeth we stayed in 13 Burns St- I can remember your family. Was your mum Nancy?

Elizabeth Allen Ne Croft Yes it wAs me
my sister mary & brother Matthew did u have a sister called mary as well its nice to hear from someone from the past we could keep in touch if u want maybe friendship on fb i still visit up there Li

Jean Miller That would be lovely! Yes I have a sister called Mary too. Do you still have family up here?

Elizabeth Allen Ne Croft Yes i have 2 aunts & a some cousins my aunt Marion live in the prefabs to she still lives in high Blantyre Kirkton avenue i will put a friends request on your fb page xxxxx liz

James Dick A staid just down from the shop
Fiona Irwin My dad lives in the prefabs I think it was auchinraith terrace

Sharon Paton Showed this to my husband, brought back memories. He lived in Mossgeil St, Robert Paton. He wants to know if anyone can remember old Wattie, who had loads of cats.

Rab Dick A mind of him

Elizabeth Weaver Do you know Wattie’s surname?

Sharon Paton I’ll have to ask if he can remember. He could describe him and what he used to wear.

Elizabeth Weaver Sharon Paton Could it have been Robertson? A Wattie Robertson stayed with an uncle and aunt of ours (and their 4 children) in Mossgiel Street. He stayed on in the house when they emigrated to Australia, I believe.

Blantyre Project I need to correct the words. Its not Hannah’s shop at Russell Street. It was the shop in Burns Street.

Kenneth Downie I lived in 38 Burns Street next to the path down to the burn where we would catch baggies 😁

James Dick We all tried to get something so we could go down the hill at the side of the shop when it was snowing

Blantyre Project families on film hanging out the Blantyre Prefab windows, now theres something i never thought i’d see on film! Thanks Sanny. A few more videos of his still to come.

Stevie Addie I Was Born in a prefab in high BLANTYRE in 19 62

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