1980s Post Office

Remember the old Post office? This is a nice little photo showing the former building on Glasgow Road. This whole area about to hugely change with further redevelopment and a new shopping centre.

1972 Post Office

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Daniel Anderson Still think this would have made a cracking Wetherspoons
Thomas Fallon Redevelopment my arse new monstrosity called Asda
Margaret Stewart I remember there was a telephone box in it
John Dunsmore In one door out the. Other sad it’s not there. Today.👌
Elizabeth Lovatt John …what primary school did you go to as there was a John Dunsmore in my class at H/B primary

John Dunsmore Elizabeth Lovatt I didn’t go h/b authority prim x Davy livi then. Calder. Street.

Isabel Mcneily Lovely building
Margo Lee Gibson I remember going here with my mum in the 60s 🙂
Iain Daly Remember going in her with my gran Johnston it seemed huge when I was wee

Michael McCormack What do u mean when you where wee??

Marian Maguire I hope blantyre gets something nice on the Main Street this time and not a result of SLC pandering to Asda.

Elaine Speirs I remember running in one door and out the other in the 70s to wind up the staff. 🙄 Sorry i was just being a wean!

Ian McLean Remember when you could collect a parcel there if you missed the postie, now you have to wait for a day to collect it at Cambuslang.

Joan Adams A remember mr Paterson from Calder street a think he became manager or head postmaster.

Robert Crothers Thought this was a listed building
Carol Crombie It brings back great memories – playing with the dial phone pretending I worked there.
Jean Gibson My dear cousin Beth Mortimor nee Innes, worked here almost all of her life. Think she was Manager.
Stephen Allan This must be before 1980 as the old tenement building is still to the right of the post office and that would have been demolished by 1980.

Jane Paterson Remember it well I used to go to the back door to collect the mail to take to work every morning at Blantyre Engineering

Kathleen Mc Dermott Parks Remember it so well at the bottom of Logan Street.

Marilyn Muir Loved visiting this building. And the two doors 😁

Ian Mcgowan I thought that was my old cortina, lovely building.
Colin Warwickshire whit a horrible looking building

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