1979 Priory Bar Demolition

When I recently wrote about the history of Glasgow Road, I forgot to put up this photo. Taken in 1979, it shows the Priory Bar at the far end starting to be demolished.

No real safety in those days. No hoarding. Not much signage. No road closure. Just guys shouting down to pedestrians, to “be careful!!”

1979 Priory Bar Demolition

Corner of Church Street is in the foreground. You can read the detailed history of the Priory Bar , and indeed an exclusive detailed history of 77 Blantyre Pubs over the ages here on the Blantyre History Archives website:


Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

John Dunsmore I’ve phoned from the phone. Box umteen times and my school pal Robert Millar stayed just next to it church street.
Jane Scobbie I left Blantyre in March 1970. So sad to see all these changes when I return home. Just not the same place and not, sorry to say, for the better 😪😪
Blantyre Project I can understand that Jane, but Blantyre also does have a lot of new places and great things to be proud of since then. The Priory Playing fields, Crossbasket Renovation, loads of new function suites like Vics, Miners Welfare and Parkville renovations. Large new modern housing estates and the demolition and rebuilding of ALL Blantyre schools in recent years. We have a tidier, more looked after Calder and surrounding woodlands and violent crime and vandalism stats are hugely reduced since the 70s. New amazing places to eat out like Carrigans and Redburn Farm. As well as job opportunities in the Technology park and a University now on our doorstep. Great annual events like the Gala, Festive events, Oscars, Live at Livvies and now an 80s party maintain a focus on “bringing community together”. Environmental groups beautifying Blantyre at their own time, cost and efforts. With ASDA recently knocking down the buildings at Clydeview, we can look forward to a new landscaped retail area which promises to be more green. The old buildings may be gone so may all those former small businesses, but that fantastic community spirit Blantyre’s always had is still there and thriving, with opportunity in retail, industry and further housing still in current discussions and construction plans.
Rena Caullay I also phoned many times from the phone box.

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