1978 Auchentibber


1978 Auchentibber1Further photos of Auchentibber. The first house on Auchentibber Road, pictured near the junction in 1978. You can see where the house has been blocked over, when it previously was several properties.

This house looks remarkably similar 40 years on.

1978 Auchentibber 2

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Eleanor Clark Would be a lot better if they can get old stone to build up the doorway instead of block, there I a lot kicking about at the moment

James Stirling They have eleanor

Eleanor Clark James Stirling good, if there is one thing I hate is that as husband being a bricklayer I think it rubs off
William Mullen any pics of basket farm ?..used 2 work there….
Maggie Anderson I don’t suppose you know of James Shields who once owned Basket Farm or Alex McCaskie who also worked there at one time ?

William Mullen worked 4 james..80 to 95 alex as well my dad was there 33 yrs…long time ago ..u in park farm ?

Maggie Anderson My husband Hamish was in PF for a while

Maggie Anderson So who is /was your dad ? would Hamish know him ?

William Mullen big gavin ?
William Mullen frank my dad
Maggie Anderson Sorry He doesn’t remember that name….I have a nephew named Gavin…he is Hamish’s brother Colin’s son
William Mullen thats it colin he would remember my dad not seen gavin in about 25..30 yrs
Maggie Anderson William Mullen We lost contact with them all so don’t know where Gavin is either
Adam Duddy Loved to walk past the village3 houses every Sunday on our courting days on past dicksons pit on to hill house to the jungle is the memorial cross still their

Blantyre Project the war memorial is still there, but in need of some repair.

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