High Blantyre Park, 1960’s

Today’s Cine film takes you to playing at High Blantyre Park. Filmed in the 1960’s and shown here courtesy of Sanny McVicar, you can see the play equipment with the houses at Broompark Avenue and Broompark Road in the background.

Coincidentally, one of the homes being that of members of my own family. Can you remember the park like this?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Margaret Elma Griffin Played for hours on those very swings and roundabout at the other end of the park was a shute never seemed to play up that end much there was also toilets and a little drinking fountain just behind the swings they built a wooden covered place with windows and a long seat where the elderly used to sit and read their papers and pass the time of day don’t know if anyone will remember that

Blantyre Project I have a small memory of the drinking fountain very early 70s. Played on that very spot for hours too.

Nan Burrows Lovely

Jean McIntosh Before all the health and safety rules for Blantyre they don’t seem to have them at Calder Glen and Rouken Glen. How did we survive the swing patks. Our parks are empty these other parks are full and great to watch all the children playing in them. They were going to have a swing park in Greenhall when the planned the crematorium there. Safe for the children to breathe in the smokend
Enjoying Sanny’so films x

Sally Jamieson Loved that park and that is just how I remember it. Mike the parkie we called the man who looked after it. He was so nice to all us children. He had what seemed like a huge shed. There was the big sheds where the footballers used to get changed and the toilet block! Beautiful flower beds which were well looked after. Such a sad sight today by comparison.

Jean Bell Remember playing on the swings and roundabout so well
Think they emptied the pond and we played tennis there too
Stayed in Broompark Road 😀

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