Website Upgrade 3: Q&A

Another great upgrade has been completed here on the site.

Due to the popularity of the FREE ancestry service I offer here, the way REQUESTS are now logged has been upgraded showing a full list of questions, replies, status and archives. Now with the ability to put into Categories and search for anything thats been asked previously! Showing also the number of views, ability to comment, ratings by visible and trackable readers and upload direct to me…..all in a new user friendly layout!

It finally removes all the old 1990’s style stacked comments.

Every one of the previous requests for Blantyre Ancestry help all 170 of them are still there and being attended to in turn, with half of them still to be looked at. It takes time to research and provide the answers everybody needs but this new Q&A Module, now allows me to have a definitive, first come, first served “to do” list, open and transparent to all readers. It can be found by clicking “Requests” in the main menu. More upgraded modules being uploaded shortly………

P.S please be patient as the site goes through some aesthetic improvements this week.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 14.14.04

Example of the Question Archive Layout. Click “REQUESTS” to see more.

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