Website Upgrade 2: Domain Migration

SEO-Website-Migration-Strategy-GuideI’ve now removed ALL of the long winded, lengthy domain links from the main Blantyre Project website, replacing them all with simply All links on all 4,325 stories and over 10,675 images have been updated to snappy, shorter URLs, although old links will still always work too.

The domain name has today been successfully migrated across meaning an end to long links and the firm identity of established now for google searches and user friendliness. AND, it will now backup the full site automatically every day, just in case. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for 7 years, so I’m absolutely THRILLED it all went seamlessly without any problem!

So in future, instead of for example: taking you to the schools page, you can simply go to:

All blogging software and 3rd party adverts have now also been fully removed from the site. More importantly, it now paves the way for the remainder of this weeks upgrades to user functionality to shortly be uploaded, something I can’t wait to show you all!

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