Upgrade 1: Photos Chronology

The first of many enhancements to the Blantyre Project website has now been made. All “Blantyre People” pictures and photos have now been sorted into year by year order from as early as the 1300’s, right up to the present year! This has been a large undertaking, and means photos of people are now correctly archived in the year they were photographed. Photo pages previously marked “Under Construction” have been removed and replaced by this completed archive.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 15.00.24

“People Photos” can be found under the “People” tab in the main website menu and entirely free to access. A search-bar on the main page now links to hidden tags for these people, meaning it should be easier to find photos of exactly who you’re looking for.

This particular archive grows daily as readers continually share and submit photos of their family. Moving on now to the next upgrade, coming shortly……..

A reminder that the website may work intermittently between 17 – 25th June. Thanks for your patience.

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